CCP SoundCloud doesn't have anything new?

I remember a couple years back going onto the CCP SoundCloud page to download all the EVE soundtracks so I could play them in my car via USB. Since its been a few years I figured I would check back to see what all new stuff has been added and was extremely dissappointed to see that the only items in the last 2 years that have been uploaded (sorting by all tracks and then by newest) are a handful of Abyssal space background tracks. Have they not added any more theme tracks or anything else?

Also to note, I swear I was able to previously download the tracks but for some reason I’m not seeing that option anymore. Is that something they turned off or is it hidden behind having a Pro account?

I saw that they did have some issues with their SoundCloud account in 2018, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve really touched it since they fixed it?

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Well, this is just my opinion but I think over the past few years CCP has concentrated more on raising their income from Eve, thus becoming more conservative with expenditures towards new content.

I don’t know if SoundCloud has all their music listed or why you can’t download it. However this 3rd party site has a lot of Eve music on it.


Soon™ - “soundcloud was taking up too much dev time, so it was removed”

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Heres one to add.

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There is GM week podcast there and recent cover of permaband with female vocals from World Tour. So yeah, soundcloud is working. There is just not many new content. Maybe with new expansion…

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