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HEY, how do I get into them. I want to experience the Lore and learn about the various factions and the pirate ones. Do I need to have penultimate reputation with them and their sub factions or what do I need to do to start/open those missions. Ships and fittings aren’t an issue, just want to know how to start. When I look in the Neocom/Agency tab it was ‘Unavailable Epic Arc’


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any fast ways to get to agent lvl 4 or need to grind out the missions, obviously including social skills/connections etc?

edit: can you use a mission puller for this or something?

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This can be used not just to repair Faction standings but also to raise them as needed to run level 4’s + including all COSMOS missions



Unfortunately not. Its a freagin horrid grind. On top of that if you do the wrong missions you will seriously screw up your standings for two factions while gaining the other 2 to the point where their navy will start shooting you while flying through their space if you don’t watch it.

So for this reason you have to alternate back and forth a bit, cant just even grind 1 straight up, which makes it a truly even more horrible experience.

I have 2 PvE toons, 1 is Gallente Minmitar the otehr is Caldari Amarr. What I do is I save the SOE arc and whenever I run the epic arcs, then I run the SOE arc for the opposite factions afterwards since you can pick the outcome, to offset some of the losses so I don’t go too far down.

Other thign you can do is grind a bit of distribution missions. These get you to your 16 for the faction gain one really quick but also get extremely boring really quick so I end up alternating between security and distribution. Also distribution missions give you almost no income, its that pathetic, but just use them to gain the faction standings.

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You don’t have loss on the epics final reward. Mot of the time you have very very small loss on the missions.

Also you don’t need to have high faction standing, just above -2 is enough ; you just need to have 5+ with the agent to start the epic, eg with impetus for the gallente, which you can “grind” by doing L3s security for them (if you have 3+ standing with them) or L2s before if you have 1+standing, OR pay someone to grind them and share the reward with you (the corporation standing reward is shared)

Just, if you grind the missions for a corp in order to do the epic, DONT ACCEPT STORYLINES this is stupid. Maybe MWP which has the lowest standing gain.
Again, the only interesting reward of the epics are the non-derived standing gain.

Other than that, I think (correct me) that the best epics to gain standings are the caldari penumbra (5h - basically only 2 fights, requires a good tank kinetic at the end), the SoE (3H), gallente/amarr( not so long but HUGE DPS - something like 1500DPS@100km, and you basically have three spots to start the missions for each) and worst is matar because crap reward and a lots of jumps.

Wrong! Working the link I posted above can have you doing Level 4’s in a few days… yes its a grind, running all career agents and circle agents but certainly not a long one

Plus, doing these doesn’t involve any missions against factions so no issues around tanking any of the other Factions standings whilst doing so

If you do run ‘The Plan’ and are strategic about it, you’ll be able to run Level 4’s for all four Factions at the same time before you know it…


Yes, but its not just the final. Its doing it all, bit by bit it all adds up. I don’t remember off the top of my head, would have to log into the game and check the character interaction standings But it does add up and after a while I have to bring the other side back up and I found the SOE arc to be a good tool for this.

Career agents are now on a 3 month cooldown, just like epic arc agents, you can’t jsut run them over and over again like you used to be. I didn’t read that link but believe me, tried it. Its something I used to do a lot, really a lot back in teh day because I used to do a lot of PvP in LS and lost faction from podding people so then I’d come back to HS for a week or two and work it back up. Can’t do that anymore.

If the link you provided says that you can, then its wrong, its outdated.

I think most epics have 0 standing loss towards empire, only matar needs to hit some amatar ships, thus standing towards amarr is decreased - but I think you can skip the fight, which makes the epic faster.

Anyhow matar epic is shihit . Worst reward, worst number of jumps. And I think worst isk missions.

You can do all four main faction epics without taking any serious drop in any of the other main factions … worse case is like a -0.003 for a ship kill which many times is avoidable. I do all of the epics and repeat as often as I can which many times is close to every 3 months. For me the epic arc rewards are good …

Faction Game Play Hrs Isk Value (million )
Amarr 23 717
Minmatar 18 274
Gallente 17 531
Caldari 10 424

Those numbers are an average from doing them multiple times over the last 2 years. That’s roughly a total of 2 billion isk every 3 months. My faction standings are in the 6-7+ range. The downside is that I can no longer do storylines without taking a major drop in faction standings in two of the factions and the drop is larger than the increase in the primary storyline faction.

Do the SOE one first, it requires like no standing and can give you a standing boost to whatever faction you want to do next.

Yes. If you have the ISK:


Make sure you get Socail V first.

If that doesn’t get you all the way there, you can do some cosmos missions:


All of this gets you faction standing. With enough isk you can get +5 standing in 1-2 hours. You buy skill injectors and use them for social skills. Buy tags and hand them in at data centers. Accept cosmos missions if necessary and buy the hand in items from the Contracts screen. Connections can also help speed things up.

I’ve made four 7.0+ faction pullers in this way. It costs about 3 bil to get from 0-7. Much less to get to 5.0. The most expensive bit are the skills.


@Guiliano_Thellere is correct. Despite what some other posters may say, the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ he linked is still the fastest and easiest way to not only repair negative Faction standings but to also increase positive Faction standings as well.

The only down side to ‘The Plan’ is that most of the agents listed in it are one time use only, that means after working ‘The Plan’ you’ll have to be selective on which missions you accept in order to maintain or continue increasing your positive standings.

I know for a fact that working ‘The Plan’ will enable you to easily get the 4 main Empire Factions up above +8.00 standing, plus it will also make the minor Factions positive as well.

I currently have positive standings with all 14 Empire Factions, only the 6 Pirate Factions are negative. I can also easily gain positive standings with 4 of those Pirate Factions via the Epic Arcs. I’m not sure about the last 2 Pirate Factions, raising their standings might cause my Concord standing to fall and since Concord controls high sec systems, that’s something I don’t want to happen.

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You should try the part in NS. I complete the epic for two toons in 5H. And I’m pretty sure I get more than 212M isk for this epic ^^ . The base rewards are already 100+M . all you need is two fighting BS, one fast cr/BC for the mission with hacking, an inty to go in null.

edit : per toon. The distance between the two fighting spots makes it more interesting to have two BS than to move one around the map.

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