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Hello folks, old returning player here. Im more fond of the lore and pve and I am having some questions here regarding reputation.

  • Ive tried the agencyfunction and found some epic arcs. I cant choose either as I lack reputation, is this normal? Or have I done something wrong with my faction (Amarr)?

  • Are missions in lower sec more profitable when it comes to reputation? Any agents better than other when it comes to gaining reputation?

And one final question on the side, if I use a skill extractor, do I loose skillpoints besides the one im extracting? Or can I extract 10 mill and inject them into an alt with no penalty?

Cheers for any assistance!


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hi @Amnsher_Khan

welcome back to EVe
first of all read this: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Epic_arcs

then you should skill this skills:
i hope you allready have this skills but in case:

you should be able to run the Sisters of EVE epic arc

the others are level 4 missions … you need standings at 5.00 to be able to get them


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I can only speak for the Angels Epic, but I remember having to have something like a 3.2 or a 3.6 with RSS (Republic Security Services) and I think there’s also a Minmatar Republic standing that would qualify you and then you can talk to the NPC in space that starts the chain. There’s also an Amarrian starter with similar requirements but I’m not familiar with those. I think if you have good standings with one of the Angels corps you can pull the first mission too…?

The Angels Epic Arc was really fun and the rewards were cool too I think a faction target painter and a Cynabal BPC? It’s been a long time but it was actually some rewarding mission content and i hated running missions.

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The only missions that grant reputation to your faction besides epic arcs are storyline missions - they are like any other normal mission except that you get them once every 12(or was it 15) normal missions - the storyline agent will contact you. Losing reputation is possible during normal missions tho if you happen to accept a mission(s) against faction(will say so in description) or if mission has faction ships in it(there are some exceptions, check eve-survival.org or some other website with mission guides)

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You need a 5.0 faction standing with the faction of the agent you want to start the epic arc from. Note this is only for the L4+ epic arcs, not the lowbie ones.

there is a faction standing booster you can buy, I forgot its name, just browse the Jita market and look in “boosters” you’ll find it. There are 2 of them, 50% and 75%. However, before you buy and use it, note that if your faction standing is only something like 1.0 then this will not be enough. If you take the 50% booster then that will only give you a total faction of 1.5. Not 5.0 which you need.

The 5.0 standing is required only by the starting agent of each arc. the following missions do not require it. In fact, some of them as you fly all over New Eden and do them, can and will cause you to lose some of that standing, but do not worry as the completion will greatly boost it.

I do not know if LS missions give you any more standing then HS, I don’t think so, but may be wrong. If you want to grind standings just do them in HS, blap everything super hard super fast, blitz it, then on top of that if you are doing it for standings only and don’t care for rewards, then run some of the hauling missions for an even faster result. But its so incredibly boring you’ll be back to shoot ■■■■. But its OK, its just an option to mix them up.

When grinding for your main faction standing ( Gallente Amarrr etc.) choose to do it via a corp that will also give you at least a decent return on LP, or the corp that owns the main market for that faction to get some lower tax rates etc. Don’t just do it blindly with any corp. As to which corp, you need to look it up as it changes with market swings, and its ultimately up to you. Maybe there is some corp that has osmething specific that you want to use on your ships for yourself too instead of buying it. I’ve done that with Thukker and SOE (SOE gives quite a lot of Gallente faction actually, but slower). So its all up to you and what you wish to do.

If I were doing it now, I’d just get up to 3.5+ and use the 75% booster to start it up.

Income wise they are not that good, kinda crappy actually, better off blitzing L4s. You can get lucky and get something nice but its an unlikely RNG. You do them for more standings, lore and because they are actually nice to do and different from everything else. Read the actual missions text, take your time, its actually kinda nice.

Large extractor extracts 550000 SP, gives back 5 mil with no penalties, then there is a penalty, a diminishing returns on them, the more SP you have, the less you can inject of off a single injector. But extractor always extracts 550000. You need to look up on the diminishing returns, I forgot where those boundaries are since I have used neither in a long time as all the toons I play are over 80 mil SP at which point it becomes completely, or almost completely worthless to use Skill Injectors.

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is it bad if i can’t even do an SOE arc? asking for a friend lol.

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Look up “faction standings repair plan”, look up standing required to begin arcs https://eve-survival.org/wikka.php?wakka=MissionReportsEpicArc

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