Epic Arc, cant start it even tho my rep is above 5.0

As the title says, ive been farming missions for Amarr and Ministry of Internal order. I have no 5.1 in rep with the Ministry and the epic arc is available under the agency tab. Still the agent wont talk to me until I get even more rep, am I missing something here?

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What is your Amarr faction standing?

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Epic arcs are not dependent on corp standings, but faction standings, I believe. You can have 10.0 with Amarr war academy or whatever the Corp name was, but unless you have sufficient standings with the empire, you won’t be able to accept the mission.

I think (THINK) that either Faction standing or Agent Corp standing with the starter agent will work, but I vaguely recall reading somewhere that it needs to be based on actual standing, not effective standing that has been modified by skills.

I could be completely wrong on that, but this is sticking in my head for some reason. The dude who would definitely know would be @DeMichael_Crimson if he’s still hanging around here.

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Corp or Faction standing can be used to access the Epic Arcs. When using Corporation standing for access, the Faction has to be above -2.00 standing.

Sometimes a relog and or clearing cache files is needed for the Agent to acknowledge and accept standing for access, especially if the standing was recently gained in that session.


You’re the man! Thanks for the answer.

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