This level 4 agent wont grant me the arc, despite my standings.

Agent Arsten Takalo, for Wildfire Epic Arc, has an effective standing of over 5 for me. Brutor Tribe has over 5, MinRep has 4.5 but our individual standings are at 1.35.

It appears I accidentally declined the first mission a month ago upon rejoining Eve after the usual hiatus and now I can’t do anything (other agent missions) to improve his standing.

Any help how to unlock access to this mission would be greatly appreciated.

You can only start Epic Arcs every 3 months. If you started an Arc 1 month ago and then cancelled it, you will need to wait 2 more months to be able get another offer. Standings won’t help here.

If you have another chacacter (Trader, Scanner, Hauler whatever), who has high enough standing and has not started an Arc with this agent in the last 3 month, you can use this one to start the Arc and Accept the missions, bookmark them and then run them with your main combat alt for the rewards/loot. Standing however would go to the one accepting the mission (unless you can dualbox them and do it in fleet, then the standing gains can be shared).

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No you don’t. I have several alts running the Arcs and none of them has Faction Standing above 5. If you have an effective Standing to the Agent of 5+ (and having his Corp on +5 is sufficient for that), he will talk to you.

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3 months is the key, didn’t know that. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Well, if you file a support ticket to a GM and explain him that you returned to EVE after some absence and didn’t know you couldn’t return to the agent after declining the mission, he might reset it for you. However, this will only work once, as a “welcome back greeting”. :sunglasses:

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Recent patch notes temporarily changed this for two other arcs:

The base standing increase from successfully completing the Angel Cartel and Guristas Epic Arc have been increased from 30% to 45%.
The cooldown for running the Arc has been reduced from 90 days to 14 days.
This cooldown is retroactive, i.e. if you ran an epic arc on the 1st of October (17 days ago) you’ll be able to run it right away! (instead of in 73 days).
If you ran the epic arc on the 14th of October, your new cooldown is 10 days (instead of 86 days).
This is a temporary amnesty from the Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates, the Epic Arcs will return to their old values in December.


So I gave up a couple of arcs in 2013 thats 11 years ago and they still wont let me restart them whats up? I can neither continue or restart the arcs

You should be able to continue. Find the last agent

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