Wrong Epic Arc?

I just got my caldari state standing above 3, and I was really excited for the Epic Arc it unlocked. As I search online, it looks like the Arc is actually for the Guristas and would negatively impact my Caldari standing. Am I reading this right? And, if so, wtf?

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There is a Caldari Epic Arc called Penumbra:


This requires your standing to be above 5.0.

There is also a Gurista’s Epic Arc called Smash and Grab that is listed as a Caldari Arc that requires 3.0 standings in The Agency:


It looks like you found the Gurista’s Epic arc, and I have no idea why the Agency treats this as a Caldari Arc in how they list it.

WTF indeed.


One of the agents you can talk to in order to start the mission is available if you have 3.0 standings with the Caldari state. Therefore the agency (and the standings page) inform you once you reach 3.0 that you have unlocked a new epic arc, as you truly have.

Of course, it’s an arc for pirates so maybe the caldari won’t like you running it, but it is something that your high caldari standings have enabled and you should know about it.

Do you want to be a pirate or a cut-throat corporate goon? The choice is yours…


Great, thanks!

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Actually that Caldari Agent for the Guristas Level 3 Epic Arc is a Double Agent who gains you access to Guristas Standings.

Completing the Epic Arcs gains positive standings with that specific Faction without incurring any derived standings towards the other Factions. However some of the Epic Arc missions will incur a couple of very small negative standing hits for ship destruction.

I would say the amount of negative standing hits for ship kill probably equals to about 6% standing loss to Caldari while completing the arc which gives +30% standing gain to Guristas.

Soooo, the Level 3 Pirate Epic Arcs are actually intended to repair negative Pirate Faction standings. It would be wise to make sure you have very high standings with the Empire Factions before running the Pirate Epic Arcs.

All Epic Arcs can be done again 90 days after completion for Faction standing increase.


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