Caldari Epic Arc Standing Requirement

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Based on this info Caldari Epic requirement is

To start the Epic Arc you must have a standing of 5.0 or higher with Expert Distribution or the Caldari Faction.

I have 5.2 Standing toward Expert Distribution. I can do until 9 of 17 and I stuck here.

It is asking for my standing

I meet this agent in 4th or 5th mission, but it doesn’t ask my standing. But now it asking my standing toward them. I ask support but they said I didn’t have required standing.

What am I missed here?

(Sorry I just can post an image)

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To my knowledge if you have the standing to start an Epic arc then no other standings matter, you should be able to complete it. I would go back to support and ask them to clarify the information they have given you as you have already started the Epic Arc.

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you see a small dialog box that says "mission unavailable . complete previous missions to unlock " .
did you not complete and turn in the previous mission ?

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This is the last reply from the ticket, waiting for another reply

Hello again,

Thank you for the update. Yes that is the correct agent, however, it seems you simply don’t match the minimum standings as the agent correctly says. My apologies for not noticing this before but it seems your effective standings towards the Caldari State are only 1.2 and towards this agent only 1.8. It will not be possible for you to accept this mission until your standings meet the requirements.

I hope this clarifies the situation for you. Should any other questions or issues arise, please let me know.

Best Regards,
GM Driveshaft
CCP Player Experience | EVE Online

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Yes, I finished the last mission and get the reward already received 30 mils

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Are you SURE that you accepted the mission to go talk with her? Your mission journal isn’t open in your screenshot.

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There is no mission Journal. I open the Epic Arc and that’s the next Agent. The Agent should prompt me the task but it didn’t. Instead give me that standing error.

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You need to go back to the last agent and accept the mission. Probably.

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How I see the last agent location?

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You open up the agency window (the one you have open on your screen in the picture). Just click on the previous mission.

Or, the much better way, is to locate your journal, open the missions tab, and find the mission that is “Offered”


Thanks alot. I don’t know will that simple. It is solved now :smiley:

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