Smash & Grab epic mission

Hi there,
I started to run this epic arc and stopped at the Upward Momentum mission because i need to speak to Cilis Leglise with whom i have bad standing :

Is there any way i can improve my standing so i can continue ? (i already completed the SOE epic arc so i cant redo it to improve the Gurista faction)

Thanks in advance

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Is this -7.6 standing your faction, corporation, or agent standing?

Typically the -7.6 shown is toward the agent.

Also the soe arc doesnt help with pirate standings anyway.


Epic arcs a chain of missions which should ignore individual agent standing. It shouldn’t be preventing you from accepting this mission due to standings - the chain should ignore standings.

I’d issue a support ticket. If that doesn’t fix it, I can fix it for you, but it will take some months for me to generate enough epic arcs for guristas to make this specific agent talk to you, but I’ll do it for free.


When starting the Epic Arcs, only the first agent checks standing, all other agents within the arc should offer their mission.

If not, then submit a ticket for gameplay support, something along the lines of character stuck or mission in progress…

CCP usually answers those types of tickets very quickly.


thanks for your answers, i opened a ticket and will let you know how it goes !


Here is the anwser from the GM :
Unfortunately you will have to raise your standings in this case in order to continue with the Missions as this Agent requires at least +5.0 or above with the Gurstias Pirates.

So what would be the best way to increase this faction ?

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Thats not right at all. With the USIA, we have raised standings for folks with -10 to guristas, to be able to run the arcs via FIO or Ytiri. The only standings that mattered were for the beginning agent.

Unless they changed the mechanic for pirate arcs this GM has no clue what they are talking about.

Plus to run the guristas arc you need 3.00 with them if not using the gallente/caldari route.

Thoughts @DeMichael_Crimson


Yeah, I agree with @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras, that GM doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Only the starting agent checks standing requirements. The Level 3 Pirate Arcs have 3 different Starting Agents (2 Empire, 1 Pirate). To access the Level 3 Pirate Epic Arc Starting Agent, the Corporation or Faction needs to be above +3.00 standing (+3.01 or higher). If using the Corporation standing for access, the Faction of the Starting Agent must be above -2.00 standing (-1.99 or higher).

Smash and Grab
The Starting Agents for the Guristas Epic Arc are:

Agent = Arment Caute
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Federal Intelligence Office
Faction = Gallente Federation
Location = Orvolle system

Agent = Atma Aulato
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Ytiri
Faction = Caldari State
Location = Obe system

Agent = Yada Vinjivas
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Guristas
Faction = Guristas
Location = Taisy system

I suggest you send a reply to that GM and politely ask that the ticket be escalated to a Senior GM, also state which Agent you started the arc with and all the missions you have already completed in the first chapter of the arc. Also state that the Agent you currently can’t access is the one who gives out missions for the 2nd chapter of the arc.

Main thing to remember is the epic arc mission offers do not expire.


Hi there,
Thanks again for your inputs.
I did ask the question to the GM that initially answered me and since. I have no answer.
See the exchange below.
Is that normal, can he simply ignore the post ?
Thanks, once again.

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Escalate it to a senior GM.

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Would you happen to know how to do that ?

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Just send a reply back and ask that your ticket be escalated to a Senior GM. Include that you’re part way through the Epic Arc but the Agent for the 2nd chapter won’t offer the mission. Also a good idea to list all the missions you’ve already completed in that arc.

Another thing, if you were to access that agent outside of the arc, that agent is Level 3 and only requires +3.0 standing for access.

Anyway on a side note, check your Journal to see if it lists the mission to go talk to that agent. If not, you might have forgotten to request or accept the mission from the first agent.

If you had already accepted the mission, it would have shown in your journal and as soon as you talked to Agent Cilis Leglise, the mission completes itself. Can check your character sheet - Interactions - Guristas Pirates or Agent Arment Caute and see if the mission is listed as completed.


ok, i’ll do that.
Is this screen shot enough ?
It shows that i did accept the mission from Kori Latamaki and Cilis Leglise doesnt want to talk to me.
Thank you.

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Yeah, I think that should work, still need to request that your ticket be escalated to a Senior GM…

While waiting on the ticket reply, you should try a couple of other things…

When in-game, open Esc menu - select ‘Reset Settings’ - select ‘Clear All Cache Files’… That sometimes helps to get rid of annoying little bugs. It will log you out and also close the game client.

Afterwards, open the Launcher but don’t select a character, instead select the settings (gear wheel) icon up in the top right corner of the Launcher - then select ‘Tools / Cache’ - then select ‘Verify Game Files’,. It will take a little time to complete, then after that is done select ‘Remove Unused Files’…

When completed, close the Launcher and then reopen it again, select your character and log in. Hopefully you’ll be able to access the agent and continue with the arc.

Good luck and may you have much success…


Might be worth noting that the conventional agent response when you don’t have enough standings is:

“Sorry, what I have is promised to another pilot. I don’t have anything for you right now.”

The response you are getting doesn’t fit that bill. Are you talking to Kori, who is sending you to Cilis, when you should be talking to Cilis to advance the next mission? I’d be interested in seeing what Cilis says to you more than what Kori does.

Edit: Yes, the GM reply you got was wrong, the GM’s are frequently totally clueless about the game. Escalate it as others have advised.


Thank you both for your answers.
@DeMichael_Crimson : I’ve tried what you suggested, to the letter, but with no sucess.
@Imiarr_Timshae : I believe Cilis answer is the first picture i posted, where she refuse to give me the mission due to standings.
Here are the screenshots of my interactions with these agents :
Armant Caute :

and Kori Latamaki

I did escalate the subject to a senior GM (and i did explain and his answer is on the same line as before ie :

i didnt quite understand his last paragraph about the killing of the NPCs …

His pullers, the ones in the shuttle, didnt kill npcs so therefore no possible standing loss. He took the loss on his main. If i read that right. I just woke up

Well, that Senior GM is wrong.

Only the starting agent of the arcs is suppose to check standing, all other agents within the arc are not suppose to do that. The reason for the Pirate Epic Arcs having 3 different starting agents is so players can easily access the arc and gain positive standing with the Pirate Factions. That’s also why the standing reward for completing the arcs is +30% standing gain. It’s to help players gain positive standing to access regular Pirate agents.

That’s how it’s been ever since those arcs were implemented. Now if CCP has changed it and all Agents within the arc now check standings for access, then CCP needs to post a Dev Blog about it to inform players. Not to mention if that is indeed the case, then the Empire starting agents are no longer viable and should be removed.

Anyway, when I did the Pirate arcs, I had negative standings with the Pirate Factions and used the Empire starting agents for access. I was able to access all agents within the arcs and complete them to gain Faction Standing increase with the Pirates. I’m sure that’s the same for a lot of other players as well…

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras @Imiarr_Timshae Do you agree?

Anyway, the original Dev Blog for the Pirate Epic Arcs states :

We understand that your pirate faction standings may be bad, and we’ve designed around that. Each pirate arc has four starting points for you to begin your swashbuckling adventure. There are multiple agents you can go to for each arc in order to start these epic arcs, including both empire agents and pirate agents. Thus, if you don’t have Guristas standings, for example, but you do have high Caldari or Gallente standings, you can still run the Guristas arc. All you have to do is find the right initial agent to let you in the door.

I’d definitely press that point with the GM, especially since that’s how it’s been for as long as I can remember…


Training Social, Criminal Connections and Diplomacy skills will help a lot, especially Diplomacy which gives 4% effective standings increase per level with NPC’s you have negative standings with.

I’ve only done the Level 3 Epic Arcs once, and that was in 2018. I used the Empire Starting Agents for access and every agent within those arcs was available. At that time these were my Faction standings:

Guristas Pirates -5.91 (-9.89 base)
Angel Cartel -6.00 (-10.00 base)

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Ive not run a pirate arc, but since we added that service, none of our runners had that issue

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