Empire level 4 epic arcs guide

Old topic was locked, but since I already spent time on updating it, here it is again.

Even though I am not actively playing the game anymore, I am still maintaining some of the old stuff and guides. The empire epic arcs have gotten a new view and I hope are more pleasant to use at this point (based on google analytics, at least around 100 people used the old ones, so I guess it is fair to post it)

Link: https://www.qsna.eu/eve/epic-arcs

Also related, if you keep doing Epic Arc missions and skip any regular storyline (those you get every 16 mission) and skip regular missions that send you to kill empire (there is really not a lot of them) you can just keep all your standings going up without negative effects on other sides

Currently my standings as of April 2024 are:

Amarr Empire:         9.94
Caldari State:        9.94
Minmatar Republic:    9.93
Gallente Federation:  9.93

Public standings sheet: QSNA Eve Board Sentenced 1989

I was also able to do all 4 faction agents that provide battleships BPC at the same time on one toon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhQT8Hpu-Lo


Thank you for the link.


Nice website! I’ll have to give some of those a try now that I don’t have the excuse of not quite knowing what to do!

I know you said you aren’t playing anymore (shame…) but since I quite like your interface, I figured I’d ask any ways: Any chance of doing the pirate arcs this way as well?


I never ran those, so I don’t know the validity of data offered online. For these I can vouch I passed them many time and each time I corrected few things in the guide, so unless CCP decides to change those missions they should be accurate.

For pirate ones, well, maybe in future if I grab a ship and actually do them myself :slight_smile:


Nice format, very user friendly and easy to follow. I’m sure it took a lot of time to create this guide and you did an excellent job at it.

However I see you only documented one pathway choice for each Epic Arc branch point and didn’t include any of the other pathways for completion.

I think including the other pathway’s would definitely make this guide much more complete as well as a great choice for players looking for Epic Arc guides, especially due to it’s format.

Just a thought, could use Eve Survival Mission Reports and the comments at the bottom of each page as reference material for info on the missing pathways. As for the info being up to date, CCP hasn’t changed much in those missions which are still pretty much the same as when they were first added to the game.


Yea, I went for maximum standings / rewards path, when you add branching it gets a bit hard to represent data (like you can’t simple use previous/next buttons and it is harder to number the missions)

The remaining paths would either offer standings to pirate factions (Amarr->Sansha) or somethings less useful (the blue pill for caldari + only half standings instead of full), etc…

Will take a look if it can be added easily, but for now I don’t expect to change it in next month or so


yes very nice info and web site aswell but i have a question since im always confused…

currently im -0.26 with amarr empire and 0.11 with sansha nation… now i live in stain area so i want to do stain missions so the pirate stain rats dont shoot at me while outside stations… i belive i need a minimal of 2.0 not sure … 1. if i do level 3’s im sure i will raise my sansha nation but can i do the amarr epic arc and somewhere choose the sansha nation path to increase it even faster?
if anyone knows plz let me know what direction i need to go on this thank you.

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Hi, unfortunately even with high Faction standings, all NPC’s at belts, stations, gates, exploration sites, etc will still attack. Having standings with Pirate Factions only allows access to their agents. All Factions, Empire and Pirate, require these standing amounts for access to agent levels:

Level 1 = N/A
Level 2 = +1.00
Level 3 = +3.00
Level 4 = +5.00
Level 5 = +7.00

That’s either Corporation or Faction standing. If using Corporation standing for access to Agents above level 1, that Agents Faction must be above -2.00 standing.

If Agent Standing drops to -2.00 or lower at any time, no access to that specific Agent.

The player gains standing with both Agent and Corporation for completing missions. After completing 16 regular missions of the same level for the same Faction, the player will be offered a Storyline mission which will give Agent, Corporation and Faction standing increase. That will incur both positive and negative derived standings with all other Factions.

Yes, the level 4 Amarr Epic Arc allows players to complete it for Sansha. The pathway for it is available in the 3rd chapter of the arc. Access to the Epic Arcs is the same as regular missions. Completing the Epic Arcs will give +10% Faction standing increase (12.5% with Social lv 5 trained). There is no derived standings for completing the Epic Arcs but players will incur a few little negative standing hits for ship kill.

So for you to access the Amarr lv 4 epic arc, you’ll need 5.0 or higher standing with the Ministry of Internal Order corporation or the Amarr Empire faction. If using the corp standing for access, the faction needs to be above -2.00 standing.

Course gaining standings with Sansha doing Storyline missions will incur negative standings with Amarr and it’s allies, which after time may possibly lock out access to their high sec space.

For more info on repairing negative standings and or boosting positive standings, check out ‘The Plan’:


Over a year ago I started a process to get my standings above 5 for all empire fractions, but lost motivation, some arcs are still open (agent offerings don’t expire). I think about picking up from there, but don’t want to continue with my slow RNI.

Are there suitable fitting for the new Tengu, Loki or maybe a Macharial, I can use? I don’t have skills for Marauders, and I don’t want to fly one.

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Back before the T3 Cruiser sub-system changes, I used a Loki gun boat to run all of the Epic Arcs solo. The ship has a smaller signature with more speed and agility compared to Battleships which allows it to easily stay in the fight. The DPS is less than a Battleship but it’s still enough to take out the NPC’s.

Had no problems at all running the arcs except for the very last mission of the Caldari Epic Arc due to the perma-jamming being done by 4 Elite Cruisers. For that mission I’d just warp in, get full aggro and have a friend warp in to take out those Cruisers, after that it was just mop up time.

Anyway, my Loki was bling fit of course and after the sub-system change, took me a while to get a good combination of sub-systems to get back close to my original gun boat fit. Meanwhile others had posted in the forums that the Loki really shines now as a missile boat, unfortunately I haven’t done a fit up for that yet.

Sooo, with the new sub-system gun-boat fit, bling of course, I haven’t had any problems so far in solo running the Epic Arcs. However I’ve only completed the Minmatar and Amarr Epic Arcs and have just started the Gallente Epic Arc. I don’t see any problems with that one and afterwards I plan to do some EFT/PYFA fitting to hopefully come up with a good missile boat fit for the last mission of the Caldari Epic Arc.

Personally I don’t really like doing missile fits, I prefer Autocannon’s with up close in their face combat tactics. I’m sure there are players who do the arcs in ships with T2 fittings but I like the increased stats and ease of fitting provided by Deadspace/Faction modules. Plus what else is there to spend ISK on, right?

Loki Fit’s


I carry 2 small secure containers in the Cargohold filled with various modules and munitions to do these ship fits.

Loki Combat

Loki Exploration

Loki Travel

The implants listed is what my character currently has installed which help boost passive shield tanks, eventually I plan on setting up another clone with implants to help boost the active shield tank.

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There are some things in Eve that I do not understand how or why anyone does it. Epic Arcs are one of those things. I did the Sisters of Eve Arc when I was a new player of only a few months. The empire arcs and pirate arcs, though, no idea why they exist or why I would slow boat around empire space in a golem having to use an alt to ship ammo in to whatever my new location is. Seems like a huge waste of time with no real payout. Am I wrong?

Thanks for the fit ideas, much appreciated. Actually the Caldari arc is where I stuck in the middle currently.

Yes, you are :stuck_out_tongue:


Besides gaining ISK and Faction standing increase, the Epic Arcs also have some great rewards for completion. Not to mention a pretty good story plot as well.


You’re welcome.

You can always do what I did before, just warp in and tank the aggro while a friend warps in and takes out the Ewar ships.

Also I check Eve Survival before each mission for updated intel.


Only the Sisters of Eve epic arc is designed for newer players (although grinding it out in a fast ship every 90 days is a good way to get the useful chunk of faction standings you choose at the end). The empire arcs are about lvl 4.3, the pirate arcs are lvl 3.

You could check out the rewards and look them up on the market to see if you consider the arcs worth doing. Some of the mission completion isk, bounties, and loot (such as tags) aren’t so bad, either.

sad paladin is sad


Noooo, you weren’t that guy who ecmed his way out of my scram a couple days ago, were you??

weren’t me. I’ve been mostly on sisi for a bit.

I completed the Amarr Epic Arc in a Golem.

Took 3 days.

Total isk from bounties was < 50 million.
Total salvage (my alt followed me in a noctis) = 162 million
Final reward - Imperial Navy ‘Gnome’ implant worth about 300 million.

Opportunity cost:

50 million a day from level IV missions
20 million a day from PI that was on hold while I relocated for epic arc
Total opportunity cost was 210 million.

So running the Epic Arc netted about 90 million total.

Difficulty was none at all with 100 million SP in subcaps and Marauders to V. Followed the Uniwiki guide to understand triggers.

Storyline was impossible to follow and confusing due to too many characters being introduced and no background. 0/10 no idea what was happening. Just plowed through the missions. The writing was awful. The story itself boring and predictable.

Will not run any more epic arcs or bother with this activity again.

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So you made more isk than usual and got a bunch of faction rep with no downside, but you wouldn’t do it again? Was the gameplay that awful?


Funny thing is I view it completely different.

Also deducting 210 mill isk as Opportunity cost is a joke, you could have easily continued your PI crap and WTF is this 50 mill from lv 4 missions?

Anyway, thanks for sharing and remember what mom always said, ‘If you don’t have anything positive to say, then don’t say anything at all’.

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