Epic Arc Missions Update


I would like to see If It would be possible to request Epic Arc Missions given a protected status as content in the game in some way.

Due to the current trig Invasions New Eden is being re shuffled.
This is still on going and the next stage is unknown.

Some systems may be flipped in either direction. Some have already changed as is.

I hope that the missions in general may be still done in the future with updates in some way as needed.

Some may be pro eden, trig, or neutral. It is an issue in any case for some people to travel to x location that is either trig or edencom.

Eve is always changing. That’s how its always been.
I just ask and hope for a way that would be fair for more accessibility for any and all who would be interested in this content in the future.

I have not personally done them yet and would like to in the future.

I feel it would be a shame to lose content in the game as a side effect of an on going event and its aftermath.

Some missions may be attempted by sneaking in and out possibly now.

Some might not though be practical or worth that level of risk for the same rewards that existed on launch vs post and active trig conflicts.

For now and today that is ok as things are happening and changing. For the future though Something should be done I think.

If the rumors of gates being shut down for good then it could be a lock out situation as it is now.

That is speculation on my part. It might be a jump clone or wormhole to get in and out of a system out of access to some Players. If even that was a thing then. That would be not ideal as a big point.

I think they should be updated in some way whatever the case is after the trigs settle down or sometime after that so its on the radar for adjustment to continue being done.

Ideas for adjustment might be re routing the missions to locations that are neutral as before for those effected.

Not asking to remove null or low sec branch options but for those that were neutral space (not trig or edencom systems) it would be nice to have them that way again. For balance.

Thanks for your time .


I think you are going to have to wait for the end of the current chapter to see what the ramifications will be. CCP will probably fine tune things like this in 2021.

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My main focus is to have it brought to attention as a future issue.

I’m sure it already was thought about and considered.

I am in no rush for anything. I am patient on things luckily lol.

Thanks for your comment as well.

Has there been any issues with the epic arcs so far?

I just finished the gallente and while there was one invasion next door none of the mission systems were invaded.

With 6 possible trig invasions at once again it seems like waiting until the stage is over is better than trying to keep track and cross referencing each time new ones pop up.

Though if any want to keep track power to them lol. I have not taken on that project myself.

There are a few paths and options so I’m sure a few are hit already.

Some may have been avoided too.

Glad gallente is ok for now.

I heard Amarr is ok so far too. Other than having to travel around probably with Niraja*

I am currently running the L4 Epic Arcs, and didn’t have any issue with the Amarr one either.

In the Minmatar arc, however, so far I had 2 missions in Avesber and one in Jark, both of them EDENCOM Fortresses; and Eygfe, which became a Fortress too, is the access point to the Aptetter constellation, where the second chapter starts. Luckily, none of them became null and they all turned in the same direction, but it wouldn’t be doable were you friends with the Triglavians.

While I am yet to run the Gallente and Caldari arcs, at least the Hyasyoda path appears to be compromised for those of us aligned with EDENCOM in the latter: it would require flying to Wuos, and Inaya is a Triglavian Minor Victory.

This is what CCP Coyote had to say the other day on the matter:

Is there plans to remap the systems involved some the Epic Arcs missions post invasion? It’s just, that say Jark had gone Liminal rather than Fortress then completing the Sisters of Eve Epic Arc would be a lot harder.

I can’t speak to that, except to say that I imagine they’d be fixed if we broke them.


fortress don’t spawn roaming fleet and eygfe AFAIK does not even have a sentry.
source : I went several time( like 30) in eygfe and never met a roaming fleet. Fortress systems are just normal systems, that can’t become invaded again.

As a minimum, there are Gunstars at the gates, stations, etc.:


, plus, according to the uniwiki:

One fleet of EDENCOM rats will roam the system.

I actually stand corrected by myself : I was moving though eygfe and got aggroed by republic fleet edencom frigates.

Guess I will need to work my standing -.- This is a ■■■■■■■ grind.

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Thank you for those sharing systems that have changed due to the trigs.

It helps for now trying to plan around the ongoing situation and chapter 3 if possible.

Its nice to hear that CCP is responsive about this specifically.
I asked in a ticket and got a similar reply.

From: GM Endymion

" Given how important Epic Arcs are, I would imagine that thing will change as the landscape of the invasion settles down.

I understand your concerns and I’ve forwarded them to the appropriate people within CCP. "

Run some L3 Distro missions and get up to 6 storylines in one day… 2 days should suffice id assume.

I was talking about triglavian standing.

whoops i missed the “edencom” part, i just saw republic fleet

Yea kinda makes more sense in the context of the thread as well. :slight_smile:

BTW if I need to increase my standing with an empire, I can do the epic soe with alts and share the rewards with my main. This can be multiboxed easily in cynabal.

I appreciate you taking the time to write this.

I’ll bring up your concerns, but it seems to me that part of the point of the invasion and the other PvE content that’s been added is to shake up the existing map and make things that were mundane more risky. That would include mission running.

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The SOE epic arc has been repeatedly affected by triglavian invasions. Perhaps not in the current quadrant, but Taru (I think) was repeatedly invaded in the previous quadrants.


Hello, @Brisc_Rubal

Thank you as well for looking into this and getting this sent up.

I can see how the trig invasion is meant to shake the universe up indeed.

Its just that some systems might be locked down and not able to use gates in and out if the trailer shown before works out in that way (theory stuff possibly) That is a main concern on this on going and future changing state of Eve.

How and what happens where will be seen in time.
As is some systems may be not ideal to warp in a battle ship to do a mission site due to standings issues on the pve side.

Maybe different ships and fits may work as is for a band aid solution on a not finished chapter 3 invasion attempt. Eventually That might not even work though is the worry too after chapter 3.

The pvp side is always the same. Nothing is safe anytime anywhere.

I like how there are null low and high sec path options too. More risk and reward vs another usual mission option.

I have faith that CCP will be able to do damage control on this and other issues in the aftermath of the invasions.

I just like to voice my direct thoughts on this as I saw and heard people notice systems effected.


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Agree with your concern. Many times newer players ask in rookie/general help what to do after completing the NPE and often the suggestion is to run the SOE epic arc. If the newer players keep getting ganked going through a choke point system, you just squandered any effort to increase your customer base. For many veterans who mission, epic arcs offer both increased enjoyment from regular missions and the chance to balance out standing issues created by the current mission gameplay. CCP needs to settle this upheaval in the arc system fairly quickly or risk alienating both new and old players who enjoy mission running and other activities… and they need to communicate far more frequently and clearer in THIS FORUM rather than try to avoid criticism in some discord channel.


CCP has already stated that if it stays like this longer than it should, they will fix it.