Effective standing not working for Guristas insurgency


So my Guristas Pirates effective standing is 0.3 with the diplomacy skill to 5.

But when I try and join the insurgency it says my standing is too low, as my base standing is too low at -2.13. Am I missing something about the diplomacy skill not working for pirate factions?

I tried to do the epic story arc, but I had to leave the final mission as I was getting combat scanned down and who ever scanned me looted the mission item so I couldn’t complete it and now I can’t redo the mission due to standings.

Not entirely sure what to do, any suggestions?


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I couldn’t tell you how to fix it, but @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras might offer some tips.

Ah thanks - I just need to figure out what to do about the final part of the epic arc now.

Kinda regretting the skill points to lvl 5 diplomacy now…

Side gotcha for any corp joiners out there…that corp’s standing trumps personal. A few angel crews at start rode out day of delay dump corp/roles, solo join then make a corp on the other side when joined.

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If only CCP made the base standing easier accessible in the UI. Like by including it in the Tool Tip telling you that you need the unmodified standing. Or use a pointer to show you where the actual unmodified standing is located. But that’d require good UI developers and UI usage understanding. :slight_smile:
Which CCP doesn’t even have for their forum software. :joy:

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So I did some Gurista missions and now my Gurista standings are supposedly high enough for the agent Irichi Tsunikabda to talk to me again and he still won’t.

Does anyone have a clue whats going on? I couldn’t get the final mission item so I went back to see if I could retake that part of the arc and now he’s just refusing to acknowledge me.

Are you in the station where he is?

I am indeed.

Are multiple agents involved in the arc? maybe you have to go to the station of the previous agent and talk.

That would make sense, however, when I look in The Agency at the epic arcs bit it’s showing as him I need to speak to:

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Thanks for the tag @Wanda_Fayne .

So as with other FW, joining pirate FW involves base standings not effective. So you need to be above -2

To do the pirate epic arcs, you need to be 3.00 effective with the pirates or there are several routes you can take through caldari or gallente to access the pirate arc.

Once you are 3.00 effective with either of those corp for caldari or gallente, then speak to that particular agent to start the epic arc

Epic arcs are only available 14 days from each other until december then they are on 90 day cool downs again.

Reach out to USIA on discord and we can quickly get you to join FW

Hey thanks - as per my posts above I did start the epic arc. I got to the final part but local baddies took the mission item so I wan’t able to complete it. I now can’t get the mission giver to interact with me again (see above). I’m trying to figure out how to resolve that.

You cant. Yet.

If you decline a mission that restarts the cooldown timer. Pirates were changed to 14 days until december. You can see if you hadnt ended the mission, if its on contract or maybe if gms can do something. F12 in game for support.

OK, thanks. I’m struggling to understand the logic behind that length of time to wait.

It’s always been that way. What is the item you need? Have you searched for contracts? Maybe someone can get the item for you (there’s always a cost).

Yeah, knowing that it’s always been that way isn’t helping me get the logic behind the design decision.

I can’t even do that now as I tried to restart the mission and it’s locked me out. So I’ll see if it’s available on contracts and then when I can do it again I’ll buy it and cheat the system - again, struggling to understand the design decision that forces people to side step content due to the local baddies :slight_smile: I don’t mind them and their activities, but if they can take the loot and force folk to have to wait weeks to redo, surely that’s not great?

Agreed. It happened to me last year. The guy wanted 10 times what the mission was worth so I just quit the Epic Arc and never looked back. I think CCP should take another look at that. The item I needed was NOT AVAILABLE in contracts so my options were very limited.

*I wasn’t being snarky when I said that it’s always been that way, I was just thinking out loud. My apologies.

Aye no worries mate - I’m just a bit frustrated, sorry for being snarky.

There is no decent reason I can think of for making players wait for content they’ve paid for and worked in game towards. Espcially as the content is now seemingly essential to access the new insurgency content.

As it happens that item isn’t available on contracts anyway.

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I was going to go get it for you but it turns out…

Also, I thought enough time had passed for me to restart my Epic Arc but…


Now I’m frustrated as well :triumph:, finding out that I can’t start mine again.