A Pirate seeks redemption...(repairing faction standings)

Greetings, so I have gotten myself into a slight conundrum, the years of pirating have finally caught up on me…I recently enlisted myself to serve the glorious and all mighty Amarrian Empire in Faction Warfare, unfortunately due to my past actions they have given me an official warning that I will be kicked from the Amarr Millita within 24hrs.

My dear readers, please advise on how I could best repair my standings. I am currently at -5.3 security status and unable to go ratting, and I really despise it anyway.

My standings towards the Amarr are -3.74 and I need to increase it to 0.00 before 24hrs or I will be removed from the Milita. Please advise, greatly appreciated. So far I am training Social and Diplomacy to mitigate, but I do not believe it will be enough for the 24hrs remaining.

Best Regards
Lord Harrowmont

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@Do_Little, Thanks for posting the Faction Standing Repair Plan. It’s still the best way to repair negative standings.

To @Lord_Harrowmont, seems you have a bit of an issue with time. Not good. Max train Diplomacy asap to raise negative Amarr Faction standing, then train up Social.

I suggest you run the Amarr Data Center Agents. Normally I would say do the 3x level 1 Amarr Data Center ‘Certificate’ Agents first and then continue with the ‘Tag’ Agents. However since you’re pressed for time, best if you just start with the 6x level 1 Amarr Data Center ‘Tag’ Agents. The ‘Tag’ Agent missions can be completed rather quickly but will require you to purchase Pirate Dog Tags so be prepared to spend some ISK to complete their missions.


Good luck to you.

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Well, that 24 hrs are already over… But anyway, there were some charming boosters recently, perhaps they might help. That one: Impetus Glamourex Boosters
Didn’t try them though, don’t know how they work exactly.

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