CCP, let people buy faction/corporation standing

CCP, let people buy faction/corporation standing with tags or ISK, the same way we can “buy” sec status with insignia. I don’t want to have to slog through L1 missions, and definitely not the unbearably long SoE epic arc.


Oh this will end well.


Buy and train the connections skill to lvl 3, bang no more lvl 1 missions to grind through.

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Cosmos missions are pretty much this

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I was referring more to existing negative faction standings even after training social skills.

Choices -> consequences


For those there is the diplomacy skill.

Negative standings are avoidable with a little knowledge, don’t take missions against non pirate faction NPCs.

@DeMichael_Crimson is the man to speak to about repairing faction standings, he did a really good guide on it several years ago that is still valid today.


Well thanks.

‘The Plan’ was actually first conceived in late 2009 and it’s first draft was submitted to the Eve community in early 2010. Over the years it’s been updated and is now currently in it’s 3rd revision.

And you’re right, ‘The Plan’ is still very much valid today. If CCP implements any significant changes, it’ll be revised again and then posted on a dependable hosting site for easy access. It’s a shame Chribba closed down Eve-Files, that would have been a great site to host it on.

As for this thread topic, I’m surprised nobody said anything about running Data Center Agents, which is basically what the OP is asking for. Buy Pirate Tags from Market, go talk to Data Center Agents, turn in tags and receive Faction Standing increase.

Personally I think CCP should add some Concord Assembly Agents to the Data Centers so players can repair negative Concord Faction standing, at least up to neutral status.


Oh I didn’t know those were a thing. Are they repeatable?

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No, those Agents are like all the other Event Agents (Career, Circle, Cosmos), they can only be done once in the life of the character.

However there’s quite a few of them and completing them will definitely give you high Faction standings.


Great, thanks for the insight. I’ll go take a look at your repair plan. Much appreciated!

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I’ve always felt the cash item shop for EVE needs more, and more varied, items. But given the design of EVE it is harder than in most MMO’s to think of good things to put in the store that don’t also bork some aspect of the game/economy/player interaction.

We do currently have some ‘buy faction’ mechanics (sorta), in that you can buy Plex, sell for ISK, buy tags, trade tags in for various faction boosts. Many of the better boosts are one-shot deals though, and characters live for a long time in EVE (well, some of them do).

How about if there was a ‘reset agent’ token purchasable for Plex? Which resets/bribes said agent to let you run their missions again. GMs can already do this so the functionality exists.

Or another variety of the ‘increase faction standings’ boosters (I think they are the Glamourex or something like that)? A short-term faction booster for Plex so that when you complete a task you get double the standing from it.

I’m sure there will be some way in which such things are abusable, but then, there are already plenty of abusable mechanics in the game anyway. Future additions to EVE can’t and won’t be perfect. CCP needs to look at “How can we do something that benefits EVE’s long-term health without doing too much collateral damage?”.

The perfect is the enemy of the good.


Charge in in-game ISK. You can’t beat a decent buy-in. Business is Business.

You can already buy faction standing and sec status. LOL!!

They are called TAGS. :red_gift_envelope::tickets::ticket::money_with_wings:


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Alot of people like myself try to avoid running “missions” that haven’t changed since 2005. Not all of us want to be mouth-breathing PVE carebears.

I highly recommend “The Plan” for fixing / establishing faction standings.

I’ve used it to fix a character’s very bad standing so they could go into a particular faction’s space that I found myself needing to be in frequently, and to relatively quickly build up standings on a couple other characters that needed them for other reasons.

SoE epic arc is good for new players as they’ll learn about EvE basics doing it, but more established players…yeah, not that exiting. If you’re just knocking it out for the chunk of faction standing at the end, I recommend a hyperspatial-fitted drone cruiser.

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funny how we can use tags for security standings but you all beat him down for faction standing hmmm strange that


You may wish to learn to read, most people posting have offered advice on how to achieve the OP’s goal using the already existing mechanics; we even pointed out that there is a guide for doing exactly what the OP wants.

Hardly a beat-down by any standards.


Beat who down? Dagan?

there is also several guides on repairing ones security standings too but now we have tags point moot

Alice Question was "let people buy faction/corp standing with isk or tags NOT hey num nuts point me to 100 guides please. SO point of question is Why not let players buy standings LIKE Gankers can buy security reps ? or do I need to provide pictures for the little ones :stuck_out_tongue: