Standing problem .... summon archer .... HALP

sooooo i have a friend that listen to all my FW tales and stuff now he tried to join…
he was negative with amarr so i made him make missions with amarr now he is positive
sooo he came to the 24 crusade base
but wen he clicked enlist a message say he cannot because he have -2.3 i think with the militia
i tried to make a mission and split the lp with him but nothing changed
i tried to do a plex with him on the fleet but he don’t gain ■■■■ at the end
im lost
what to do?


The most obvious problem I can think of: The standings need to be raw and unmodified. Is your friend only positive with standings modified by skills? The standings-window of the character also shows the unmodified standing, if that is still below zero, joining a FW-militia is impossible.

Your friend could join a player-run FW corp though, all pilots of a player-corp flagged for FW are automatically part of faction warfare.


ty for the help @Owen_Levanth
so its irreversible? there is nothing we can do to pump his standing with the npc corp?
i dont think he will want to join a player corp

You just buy tags and take them to a data center agent. It is easy-peasy.

@DeMichael_Crimson wrote a guide just for this problem. Archer’s service is meant more for lazy market traders.


can you teach me that sempai?


Not exactly. They still could grind missions until the faction standing is up to 0 again, for example. To speed things up, Data Center missions or low-rung COSMOS-missions can help. Those agents need pure faction standing and won’t accept corp-standings, but on the other hand, they also accept modified faction standings.

If your friend’s modified Amarr standing is below 2.0, running Amarr-COSMOS will be a pain, since their lowest agents all demand 2+ standing. But you can avoid that again by using the many Caldari-COSMOS agents without any faction requirements for an easy boost, as Caldari-standings also raise Amarr-standings.

The Data Center agents can actually cost you standing if you manage to fail them, so make sure your friend has the needed tags already in their cargo before accepting and don’t talk to agents if your standing is too low. I’m not sure if their missions can expire and if they can, your friend would have to grind up to that standing and take the mission, or lose it forever.

To summarize, let your friend run a few easy Caldari-COSMOS missions and gift some pirate tags to the few available Amarr Data Center agents, that should be enough to boost faction standing above zero.

Here’s some links:

Caldari COSMOS

Data Centers

Hope this helps!


Correct - unmodified standings are used to determining eligibility for joining NPC FW corps. My CSM16 platform will include changing this to modified in order to make FW more accessible.

His NPC corp standings don’t matter, he needs standings with the faction. He can raise standings in numerous ways such as:

  • Storylines (always accessible for almost all factions without limitation, including multiple times a day)
  • Epic arcs (Amarr path of Amarr arc and Amarr path of SOE, repeatable every 90 days)
  • COSMOS missions and Datacenter missions (one time only per lifetime of character)
  • Career agent mission sequence (boost upon completion of sequence)

@tutucox_Khamsi since you are in the NPC corp, I don’t see why you couldn’t just create your own two-man player corp so he can enlist without going through the hassle. You will still gain LP with the NPC FW corp and raise standings with that corp via FW activities (plexing, missions, etc). As he raises his standing with the FW corp he will gain a faction boost whenever he receives a FW promotion, which happens the first time you reach a new integer standing value with the NPC FW corp (1, 2, 3…). This will basically repair his standings just for doing FW.

If you choose not to: Datacenter missions are the fastest option, but one time only (Xeux linked you the guide for that). His standings are too low for Amarr epic arc, but he can probably do the SOE epic arc, and if he finishes that, then he can do the Amarr arc after since his standings will be high enough. USIA’s method for generating multiple L4 storylines in a day is to blitz Distribution missions using a T1 agility indy fitted to do 2x L4s at once; if you find a good “hub” that has 2x L4 Amarr agents in the same constellations (Natura corp has a good one, but you can mix corps as long as they are in the same faction), you can generate an L4 storyline in less than 90 minutes (I’ve gotten 6x in a day doing this using a 20m ship doing no combat and multitasking other things on/physically near my computer). He won’t have access to L4 missions/storylines until he boosts his standings above -2.0, however.


it helps a lot ty all
ill try to convince him to join a corp since he will probably give up in a week and its easier but he is hard headed :frowning:
may have to try the other methods


ok ty @Owen_Levanth , @Xeux and @Archer_en_Tilavine :heart: :heart: :heart: , i think now i have a lot o material to read and i can help him

edit2: if moderation wants to close or move , ty all i think my problem was solved

Two player corp you and him :wink:

Your faction standings should be high enough to pull his

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yeah , this looks easy enough
there is years i don’t create a corp
this will not change my current standing with 24 crusade right? and i can kill the corp at any time ?

Everything will be 100% identical. Standings/LP mechanics will be the same, same access to militia chat and fleets, etc. The only theoretical downside is if corp members for some bizarre reason tank their faction standings too low and the corp average drops below 0 then your corp is evicted from FW, but that basically never happens in practice for obvious reasons. If you are fighting for Amarr, your Amarr standings are probably high and/or getting higher all the time.

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yeah i have very hight standing with amarr
im with hin on discord and the biggest piece of the puzzle was

he will do the amarr epic arc or grind storylines

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I don’t think he can do the Amarr epic arc. He could do the Sisters of Eve arc (If so, I hope he like autopilot).

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he loves LOL
from time to time he loose one hauler to code or other “education” corps :stuck_out_tongue:

That stupid SOE arc is 50% autopilot, 40% undocking/re-docking, and 10% doing something.

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omg i did it once
i cant stand it

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Although it does give a decent standings bump, it is way more work that some of the other options - like just buying tags for the datacenter agents.

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the dude is a grind machine
he made 10 billion this month doing blood raider combat sites
he will eat this problem now that we know what to do

I doubt that I have made 10 billion isk in my entire time playing Eve.

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