Mission Impossible (long term goal)

Hi fellow Missioners, hope everyone is having a blast ingame…


I started in Eve back in 2007 and have tried a bit of everything. Started doing missions and mining in High sec, went to Npc nul, joined some corps in Sov. nul, tried Wormhole living abit and went back to Npc and Sov. nul throughout the years.

Everytime I burned out just after reaching my Capital ship goals. I kept my industrialists but sold my pvp/pve toons and took several breaks in various lengths.
(I have by the way regretted the selling part every time :roll_eyes:)

After buying a “new” pvp/pve toon last year on the bazaar, I Now find myself comming full circle enjoying missions, mining and high sec life again…My mindset have somewhat shifted from “Isk per hour” in every non pvp related activity I do, to just doing what I feel like on the day.
I have passive income from PI, invention ect, which is enough for me…I wont get rich, but wont go broke either (I hope :sweat_smile:)

Mission Impossible:

Here is where MY Mission Impossible comes into play…because I dont do well without some sort of goal…so even though Im a very avarage player I want to TRY and reach for the sky and have now set my goal on getting “Every corp with high sec agents” to +7 standings, without minimizing time spent in the other activities I enjoy.

I know I might fail terrible and if there is just a small chance I’ll get there it will properly take atleast a decade if not more😂 but it will definitely keep me engaged unless I burn out again.

Im including pictures of how I setup my sheets to keep track of all corps and factions…I’ve started several corps in the red (-9 base) as the toon was used in low sec (so lots of lvl 1 missions to come)

Join me here on my adventure and lets see how well this post ages :grimacing:

Fly safe o7


I would love to hear if anybody have similar goals when it comes to missions and how far they have come :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually be better to work on the Faction instead of the Corp standings. With high Faction standings, you’ll have access to all high level Agents in every Corp within that Faction.

For more info on quickly gaining Faction standings, check out ‘The Plan’…

A few people have completed similar goals and have reported their progress in the forums, hopefully a google search for ‘Eve Online Forums - Faction Standings’ will provide a good list.

One thing I can tell you from experience is that doing a goal like that is definitely long term…

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Im working on faction aswell, trying to get/keep them above +5 but it has no effect on corps with under -2 so will have to grind those lvl 1’s :sweat_smile:

Im doing the story lines that wont hit to hard as the give very nice corp standings and then Epics to repair :wink:

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Pretty hard to get negative Corp standings, would have had to fail a lot of missions. Agent standings would have gone bad first.

Anyway, Diplomacy skill will raise those standings a lot. Actually for best results, max train all of the Social group skills. Those will help a lot.

Good luck and may you have much success…


Good luck.

I wonder who will accomplish the goal first: yours, or the person I know who is trying to get +10 with every Caldari corp.

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Good post! (Sorry for my post de-railing a bit towards the end, i tend to end up speculating sort of to myself and writing it down while thinking.)

There’s so much new players or even those who’ve played for some time could take notes on. Eve-Online indeed used to be all about ISK/Hour and it’s sort of stuck with the game.

Recently though, there’s been a shift to a term fun/hour.
And it’s absolutely the way to go as this game tends to be exactly played “in the long run”. There should be goals small or big.

But what i’ve personally gathered and what feels like it makes sense is that the goals and gameplay should be something that’s not predictable or repeatable. It is a major factor leading to burnout, breaks and quitting. Thus leaning too much to the pve side can be troublesome.

I wish you good luck on your mission!

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I bought him last year and looking at zKillboard it looks like he was used as a low sec pirate so I think all the negative corp standing came from that…But it doesn’t matter its just one more challenge on the road.

I have been working on getting several corps from a -9 base to -1,99 (it takes a while :sweat_smile:) but still have a few to go.

My lowest atm is -5,55 with maxed skills which equals a base of -9,44

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That’s no easy feat, hope she makes it :crossed_fingers:…The last 0,2 will take forever on 44-45 corps.

If she doesn’t care about the other 3 major factions, she might be helped by mapping the storyline agents and timing the missions correct to get the corp boost she needs. If she cares about all 4 major faction standings it will deffently be a hard one to crack.

She*, but yes. I can understand why your goal is +7 and not +10, for this reason!

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You are absolutely right and in a long term goal like this there will be a lot of “repeatables”.

I thought a lot about this and how I might avoid the burnout and came to the conclusion that I need this to strive for, to keep me engaged. But it should more or less be on a “I feel like doing this today level”.

So if I like to mine, trade, explore, pvp ect thats what Im gonna do instead. It might take 20 years instead of 10…but I would have enjoyed it more (I hope) …and of course I set up shorter goals along the way, like getting all corps to atleast 0, getting/keeping faction standings above +5 and so on.

It is crazy to me that after 2 decades I find myself enjoying the pve aspects of Eve even more than 10 years ago (might be because Im getting old)…but doing missions (more or less from scratch again) and mining in the same systems I started in back in 2007 have a sentimetal value which is hard to explain.

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Assumption is the mother of all f***ups…changed to she :grinning:

If she would like, she would be more that welcome to comment in this thread from time to time with her progress. It would be very interesting to follow.

I plan on updating every 2.ish month to keep the thread from closing. So it might become kind of a journal about the ups and downs in regards to mission/standing projects/goals like ours.

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Ah ok.

Check out ‘The Plan’ link I posted earlier, it’ll definitely help with Faction and some of those Corp standings.

Anyway, good luck to you.

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Good luck with it, I know it’s super hard.

I think overall I missing very few agents myself due to my faction standings, but would need to actually double check that.

Most likely missing few from Ammatar and Thukker, they have HS agents, but I don’t have their faction at 5.0.


But I know how it is to have multi year goal, those factions standings were like plan of 8 years :slight_smile:


@Sentenced_1989 I read your post and your time and dedication put into faction standings was actually what got me thinking about getting a long time goal, as I enjoy high sec life again.

Im going to focus on standings of corporations with high sec agents and was planning on using storyline agents to get those sweet corp boosts while trying to keep faction standings above 5 through Epic’s

I use your website a lot, it is very helpful :ok_hand:.

Especially the Epic guides are awesome and much appreciated :star_struck:

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I may be wrong but I believe @Sentenced_1989 used ‘The Plan’ to help his work on Faction Standings.

Course not to toot my own horn but I published the first draft of ‘The Plan’ in early 2010 and to the best of my knowledge I believe I was the first player to show the Eve Online Community that it was possible to have positive Faction Standings with all Empire Factions, excluding Pirate Factions of course.


@DeMichael_Crimson amazing work :ok_hand:

I read it some time ago. It was very informative and took notes on the parts that would suit my goal :wink:

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Thank you very much,

I wish you the best of luck and much success with you goal. May ‘The Plan’ help you as much as it’s helped others…

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Cheers, I am going to look up if I can also get all the agents to create something like your sheet to also track unlocked agents via EVE Boards.


Indeed, “The Plan” started all of this :smiley:

I did skip a large parts of it since it would be counterproductive to the state my toons were at. For example data agents would hurt me more than I would gain, I was at 7.0 with some factions slightly above 0 with others, I was lucky that I started working missions for Gallente, then moved to Amarr space and switched to Amarr agents, then switched to minmatar agent in Amarr space due to better LP, so I kinda was in not that bad situation by chance.

But yea, after coming upon “The Plan”, I was like “wait a minute, this could work”, and that’s how my self punishment began, thx @DeMichael_Crimson :smiling_imp:

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