Running Missions

Running Missions Post 1:

I am running some Missions.
I currently do Level 4 SpaceLane Patrol Security Missions.
They are with Caldari.

I will be able to run VNI ratting in 14 days or so.
My VNI will be available to run anomalies by then.
I think I used to run level 8 to 10 or so for some reason.


Dear god I am so confused.


Running Missions Post 3:

In fact, I am recording as I write this now, and as my keyboard is hacked, and I have to do extra work to repair the text input fields.
That is nothing new since I had to program all of that when I graduated in 1993.

2ndly, I was going to write about the mission faction and corporation that I am doing level 4 from, and the best agents
I can also add some level 3 which I can increase to level 4 and what is required for that.

3rly, just to come in my thread and write the 100th or 500th comment about why you are confused and trying to blame me for it is only going to bring the exact same number of confusion to others.
Therefore it is more positive to write about what is clear and positive rather than to focus on negative ideas which would only bring the exact same negativity.
It is not sympathetic to the flow of my work and quite frankly, once my flow of work does increase, you will get drowned in it , in reverse.

If you do have a good question, you can ask me, but please bear in mind that my time is not free either.
I also can’t sleep right now because someone else is interfering against my sleep.
I also work night shift and I missed last Saturday’s shift due to lack of rest.
You can send me donation, and account on which I do spend the time and effort to write the text and organize the information in a format in which it easily accessible and quickly usable is active and the ingame ISK can be transferred.
I also accept other ingame donations, depending on the conditions.

The more time I have to answer your question, the better the answer can be.
Don’t expect me to answer you in 1 or 2 days and start a thread riot takeover with libel and slander.
The staff can just lock the thread , thank you very much.
I am way too busy for this kind of attitude.
I work on projects which are over 25 years and 35 years old.


What a time to be alive!


I can see this thread going viral. What in the name of sweet baby Jesus is going on?


Oooh, might be demon possession, good call.

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POTUS Speaking

I Consider to post this on Twitter. Sure it will be goin Viral.

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Running Missions Post 8:

Corporation Standing

Market Activity

There is a level 4 agent in station, namely
Auvahenen Akuras

Other corporations standing , for in case I want to increase my standing to level 4 from level 3 (or 2).

My standing with State War Academy (of Amarr) is
which is enough for level 3 and halfway to a 5.0 standing, which is required to run level 4 mission , because my Caldari State standing is

4.13 towards me.

Effective standing 8.1

Standing 3.0 is required for level 3.

Edit @ 10:36 AM :

I am going to sleep for work now.
I also have to go pick a game from postal address and do other thing for work before work tonight.
There is also a streamer who is coming online later on today or tonight from England.


The Mission we got is:
Anomic Agent: Sansha Burner, Level 4

My Daredevil is not in the Asset list.
I wonder who has it, as in, which one of my pilot has it.

Edit @ 10:53

Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings
Cap Stable Setups
I also use 5% or better implants
slot 6: Warp speed ws-615
slot 7: Ogdin’s Eye Coordination Enhancer (6% tracking implant at 5% prices)
slot 8: Zor’s Custom Navigation Hyper-Link
slot 9: ss-905 5% to all turret damage implant.
slot 10: is actually empty or not applicable in the tests I’ve done, Previously I used large energy turret implant, thought of swapping to a large projectile implant, but I think I’m going to recommend the RL-1005 to speed up garmur and hawk kill times.
Cap Stable Burner Fits
Anomic Agent - Sanshas Nation Succubus

[Daredevil, Cap Stable vs Burner Succubus]

Capacitor Flux Coil II
Corpus X-Type Armor EM Hardener
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Centii A-Type Small Armor Repairer

Coreli A-Type 1MN Afterburner
Republic Fleet Small Cap Battery
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier

Light Neutron Blaster II, Void S
Light Neutron Blaster II, Void S
[Empty High slot]

Small Anti-Thermal Pump II
Small Capacitor Control Circuit II
Small Anti-EM Pump II

Notes: I overheat the web, AB, guns and hardener. Deactivate heat on web at 13km and deactivate heat on AB at 3km (both burn out easily).


fantastic thread

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Guys, this is just another one of @Veine_Miromme blogging threads. There’s nothing to see here unless you want to follow his experience with EVE.

It’s just not always about helping others, which is a nice thing to do of course, but we need not break out in a “helper syndrome”.

I’m just going to go and read some other thread now …

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thank you for clarifying. was a bit confused

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Running Missions Post 12:

Had to wake up because of clean up, so I use the time to do my laundry and stopped at the nearby Starbucks connection.

I have to go back and put the locked wash in the dryer now. $2.75
Plus, 1 Medium coffee around $2.60 or $2.80 or so, but I can get a free refill when I come back to finish the dry.

The mail pickup for my new game is not far and I can get it back on the way to drop my laundry before going back to sleep for the rest of the day before night shift.
I am still going to be lacking some rest and will be tired at work as I need more rest and more efficient use of time and less time to answer questions which are questions to ask questions which are obviously questions and should not be asked as questions since they are wasting my time , since they are already questions.

It also made me forget to mention that ,
the Daredevil may very well be on a 14 days schedule to re-appear into a new station by safety delivery of assets (closed citadel, or , expunged).

Additionally, the 1 hour alarm for the sleep time being available back again just rang on the 12 minute mark, so I’m good.


Running Missions Post 13:

4.13 from 3.02 + 1.12 with level 4 Connections, which I will now train to level V.

Running Missions Edit @ 15:48:
Skills update with low Genolution implants and no boosters.

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Moved to My EVE section as this is “blog” type of thread and is better suited here than in the PvE/Missions discussion sub-forum.

Removed some posts which seemed unrelated to the “blog”

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Running Missions Post 15:

Sure, but what do you mean by blog type of thread?
Also, should I start a new thread in the Missions forum since it is about Missions.
Does the fact that I do run missions and that it is not intended as a guide for others or myself,
as per
The forum category for discussion and sharing of player made EVE videos, guides, resources and more.”
constitutes a good enough reason to have a thread in the Missions forum?
as per
The place to discuss missions and PvE content in EVE Online.”

I guess I better save the posts since they may get removed without warnings.
It’s always better to register copyrights before publishing contents.

It seems it only takes a user to post in a thread I start on topic that it is a blog and then it’s enough to move it or remove post without me being able to be informed about before.
The sacrifice one must do get some adventure in life and please readers.
If that was the case, I guess they could want much more atrocious things and still be right.

Additionally, I don’t work with @Whitehound nor does he, his comment were more like a sarcasm if the other Guys he mentions are his co-workers.
It’s almost as if a kind a of way to try to make them seemed more toned down in the way the to make my writing seem to be other than it is for their own use.

I guess it can be moved back depending on the attribution of subjects, or to the sell order.

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Blog means that your are telling your (characters) story/experience playing EVE.

Nothing in this thread had any questions, expressed any problems in PvE/Mission related content that needed to be discussed, which is why I moved it to this sub-forum instead.

Nothing wrong with running missions. This sub-forum is for more than just Videos, Guides and resources.

If English is not your primary language I can understand that writing something can sometimes sound like something else, to other people, than what you intended it to say.


Running Missions Post 17:

ah, ok

English is my primary language and I can understand that writing something can sometimes be made to sounds like something else, to other people, than what I intended to say, like I can do them, even if I don’t, or my methods not to interfere with their writings are better, as you understand, thank you.

The only problems addressed were about burner missions links from pages I had to search for and other relevant data.
The reason the burner mission was related was because there was an Anomic Agent mission offer that came up.
Most of the links removed were from the older forums and are quite hard to find.
So yes, the next time I publish this in the Missions forum, I will make sure to save before, so I don’t have to redo the work or be unable to simply used the saved data before.
Who knows, if the forums disappear, and I do have a backup, I can just deal with it better.

I also have a new appointment with my doctor in 1 hour due to new virus from yesterday, which virus is contagious, and so I didn’t go to work, and caused me to lose $100.

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No, my comment was made for your sake and wasn’t sarcastic at all. You do, if I may say so, fall out of the normal spectrum of people here and I don’t want others to start flaming you for creating your blogs. What you do is a bit unusual on these forums and creates misunderstandings, and therefore did I make my comment so others can have a bit more respect towards you.


Running Missions Post 19:

That’s right what I said.

I also have to go to the emergency.
Maybe do some more fact finding before reaching those conclusion.

And no, it’s not to create 1% of the conflicts you benefit from.

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Sure. :wink: