Running Missions 2

Running Missions 2 Post 1:

Ah well, I missed it.

The Running Missions , Post 91: was October 4, 2019 or so, but I forgot to calculate the 31 days periods instead of 30 days, which does bring it over the 90 days period of 3 months.

My fault.
All I had to do was record some tutorial until I got enough time to start more activity and update more often.
It might be a good idea to bring some resources and items for sale near the Epic Arcs Missions as well as trade would also be important for Missions.

I should update this shortly.

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Running Missions 2 Post 2:

RMissions 2 P2 Image 1
2020. Tutorial with Aura not Career Agents

RMissions 2 P2 Image 2
2020. The Blood-Stained Stars Epic Arc

RMissions 2 P2 Image 3
2020. Trade Order Data

RMissions 2 P2 Image 4
2020. Too Many Orders -17 Max

17 orders per Alpha clone character x 3 = 41 orders per Alpha clone accounts, not bad!
That is with the Trade Skill up to Level 3 (not 4).

RMissions 2 P2 Edit 1 @ 18:30:
RMissions 2 P2 Image 5
2020. Tutorial Missions

RMissions 2 P2 Image 6
2020. Trade Skill Level 3, not Level 4

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Sometimes ISD will unlock a thread if the reason is good. Just have to flag the thread as ‘Something Else’ which will allow you to post a small message with it.

Anyway, probably help if you add a link to your other thread in the original post of this one.

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Running Missions 2 Post 4:

Yes, however, they recommend not to be.
The best I can do is to add a link to a Google Drive file, and link to the other forums link from there.
Of course there is a reason for it, which I know, but, maybe you will find out.

As for the new thread, somehow, it makes it smaller to browse.
One important thing to do though, would be to organize the thread by subjects, or other type of subjects, because it would make it easier to find info from it, with an index, or , with some indexes, to simplify findings.

Not sure where you got that info from, if this thread is a continuation of your last thread, then including a link in the original post of this thread to the old locked one is quite acceptable.

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Running Missions 2 Post 6:

(Erroneous data part added , removed, here.)

That is in case of:

  1. Link to thread cannot be found, the search system is hard to use and so on.
  2. The thread gets modified and there is no backup.
  3. The load on the system is easier if there is no link to it, for some reason (obviosuly attacks).

I updated the links to the previous data now.

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Running Missions 2 Post 7:

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Is different in accuracy.
Of course, I detected it now, or, rather, found out about the accuracy level, but I thought I could post now.

I mean, if I did find the My EVE subforum faster, and, fixed it before, I would have been ok, but, I can start a new thread, and, keep the data in it smaller in size than added to the previous thread.
(This is not from this thread by the way, but one of 2 others I did.)

It was (one was) , from February 1st, 2020.

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Running Missions 2 Post 8:

After around 2 or 3 hours of auto-update, the system restarted (managed to start back again).
RMissions 2 P8 Image 1

682 x 500

RMissions 2 P8 Image 2

21 minutes + 16 minutes later = 37 minutes later, but , it loaded.

19 minutes later @ 14:21:
RMissions 2 P8 Image 3
Free space , under the 22 or 23 GB recommended.

RMissions 2 P8 Edit 1 @ 14:34:
Windows is :
Size: _ _ _ _ _ _ 33.4 GB (35,945,987,168 bytes)
Size on disk: _ _33.4 GB (35,931,606,723 bytes)

plus WoW 60 GB = 93GB - 148 GB = 48 + 7 = 56 GB - 21 = 35 GB

RMissions 2 P8 Edit 2 @ 14:43:
RMissions 2 P8 Image 4

The new item has a Blue Print Processing facility in the Sisters of EVE Arnon Station, however, I could not see it in the list of buttons.
I found this from right-clicking the blueprint there.

RMissions 2 P8 Edit 3 @ 15:53:
Logged off, and found there is a manufacturing facility nearby in system, however, it seems it would run in the Arnon SOE station.

Station - Arnon IX - Moon 3 - Sisters of EVE Bureau
It doesn’t show there.
It seems NPC station(s) do have those manufacturing facilities.

Running Missions 2 Post 9:
RMissions 2 P9 Image 1

Sleeper Multiplex Forwarder
Tutorial Mission started from High-Sec Incursion has a Waypoint inside the Incursion zone,
while the interface is not hidden.

RMissions 2 P9 Image 2

Sleeper Enclave

RMissions 2 P9 Image 3

CONCORD and Drifters

RMissions 2 P9 Image 4

**Mission Details**

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Running Missions 2 Post 10:
I should just run the SOE or, verify options for the Tutorial Mission,
before the Career Agent Training Missions…, or both.

I can also move items for sale there, however, those items are better for sale in other Mission points, such as for Epic Arc Missions.

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