Is there good money in level 2 missions

hey i have been trying to earn money in doing missions but the money isint good i think i earned like a million after one hour of grinding level 2 missions and i wounder if am doing it wrong?

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Higher-level missions pay more, but you will need more skills and more expensive ships to complete them.
Running level 3 missions will earn you something around 10 million per hour.


what do you need to be able to run level 3 missions effectively?


A battlecruiser with some decent fit. For example, Drake.

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isint that something around 100 000 000 isk mmm feels like i need to find a nother way to make money

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You can do them in a cruiser if you’re careful - I did all of level 3 and a few level 4 with a VNI.

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Ok, a Battlecruiser - such as a Drake - is about 50m ISK. Add another 15m ISK in fittings and you’ve a reasonable Level 3 ship.

There are ways of improving your earning rate - look at the social skills, they improve standings and income from various mission types. Use your LP to buy items you can sell; is a good place to look things up.
Salvage and loot the wrecks. it’s not a huge income, but can help - especially if the mission allows a certain amount of “loot as you go” - using drones to clear the wrecks as your ship weapons deal with the mission objectives.
Salvage: don’t just sell the “broken whatevers” - get some cheap Rig BPOs and do a little manufacturing. Some rigs (thing “what do I use?” or “what rigs do the Eve University fits use?” for what might be good. And ain’t bad as a help.

Mission running isn’t the only income source - I see you had a look at exploration (you lost a Heron last month). Wormholes can have good loot but are dangerous, though finding a quiet low security system isn’t too bad either as as someone learning a trade.

One last tip: focus on a few mission agents and stay with the same faction - it does improve your standings more effectively. This gives you access to the Level 3 missions more quickly. You can do a Level 3 mission in a cruiser, but some do have enough incoming damage that you’ll need to be very alert and careful if you do.


Don’t try to run before you learn to walk. It is possible to earn hundreds of millions of ISK per hour doing PVE in EVE - wormhole sites and Abyssal sites are quite lucrative but require both character and player (piloting) skill to complete successfully.

As a newer player, you can join a corporation that runs invasion/FOB or similar group content sites - you’ll generally have an experienced fleet commander and rewards are paid equally to all members of the fleet. One group I’m aware of that does this is Malevelon Roe Industries


Thank you very mutch you have given me a goal and a plan. I just need help with fitting do you know of any good ones for Pve?

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You can make good money by blitzing level 4’s, but everything before that is garbage money. Anyway, blitzing level 4’s will be a long ways off for you, but you can check out this written guide, these video guides for sepcific missions, and this guide for using Dual Nergals if you want to know more.

Anyway, there are a lot of activities in Eve that can make good money, but I like to recommend incursions to people. WTM is newbro friendly, it’s a social activity, and you’ll make damn good money for a newbro. You just need to train the skills, and get yourself a starter battleship first. This guy has a video series explaining incursions and here is the WTM fittings page.

Also, Eve Survival provides information on rat compositions, damages to resist and deal, spawn triggers, and noteworthy loot drops. Check it out if you do stick with missions.


This 100%

Mainly the Negotiation skill, each level trained will give a 5% increase in ISK payout from agents.


That’s a very open question - I don’t know the objective you have, is this a ship for Level 2 or Level 3 missions? And what is your racial skill set? - which ships can you fly, what weapon systems? Can you fit a T2 tank - either shield or armour? Also, what is your budget?
I am mainly an Amarrian pilot, though I can fly a much larger range of ships if required - hopefully I can talk you through a reasonable fit. But there are too many unknowns.

Have a look at:

If you tell me more information then I’ll have a scratch around and see what I can think of as a mission ship.


You can run L3 missions very happily in a cruiser such as a Vexor or a Thorax you really do not need a Battlecruiser tho a BC will probably be a bit quicker. Eve-survival website is extremely valuable and kill of frigs quickly so you never get trapped.

Have fun.


Nobodies asked you yet, but are you alpha?

Was omega a month ago not sure if am gonna pay for a new month

I apologize for not being clear. i need help with fitting for level 2 missions i have both of the caldari Cruisers and i have fit them from fittings i have found online. but non of them i have used realy work. my skill points are mostly fouced on hybird turrets and i am a aplha now so my skill range arent that big. and as for money i am almost broke thanks to me spending all my money on a fit that didint really work

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OK, so you’ve got a Caracal and a Moa.
Did you fit the Moa with Railguns (long range) or Blasters (short range)? - I only ask because I went down the Railgun Moa route for mission running and it really struggles with the small stuff - especially since I loaded the midslots with shield modules rather than a good webifier. Ho hum. - that’s a polite way of saying “for the love of God don’t copy my fit”!
I found the Caracal a better mission ship - though I’m more gun focused than missile focused. Rapid Light Missiles chew through Level 2 missions, except when they are reloading when you sit there swearing at 'em.

Generally, Caldari ships are better fighting at range - which is a problem when the small mission frigates close you down (and why the Caracal is better than the Moa at missions - missiles always hit even if the damage can be quite small).

So, a couple of thoughts:
Refit the Moa as a blaster ship and put a Webifier in one of the mid-slots. Quite what you do would be dependant on your skills. Alternatively, assuming you are shield fitted then have a look at putting a Tracking Enhancer in the low slots in place of a Magnetic Field Stabiliser - absolute damage doesn’t help if you can’t hit 'em in the first place. Train up your Motion Prediction skill as well - it does help.
A reasonably common error is to assume the DPS figure is all important and to try and maximise it. The ability to track and actually hit the target is equally important and why the turrets come in a range of calibres - the smaller caliber medium railguns track better and that may also be an option.

The other path is to train up Gallente Cruisers (via Gallente Frigate and Gallente Destroyer) then look at getting a Thorax - that link is to the Eve University page on the ship, there’s a mission fitting linked from there. Gallente ships tend to be Armour tanked - which if you are a mainline Caldari pilot is a bit more cross training for a full T2 tank, but a basic repairer based (active) tank should serve you quite well in Level 2 missions.

Hopefully useful - I’ve avoided pasting my Moa fit because it’s a bit of a lemon. And I’ve not flown a Thorax (some things are beneath the pale) so can’t provide a fitting I’ve actually flow - though I trust the University fittings.

Reach out to me in game if you need walking through things - I normally hang out in Amarr space, with the odd trip into the Republic for a change of lighting.


no, there isnt.
Train drake and heavy missiles, pwn level 3’s - also good for c1/c2 wormholes and most ded sites you can fit into in highsec.
Train raven pwn level 4’s.
Train gallente and drones and switch to Gila’s and Rattlesnakes.

Level 2 mission fit:

Level 3 osprey navy:

Level 3 drake, has two spare slots & can also run some level 4’s!!

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What is pwn?

thank you so mutch for the money that was a happy suprise. to answer your question i fit it with railguns before i have been reading about that moa isint a really good pve ship so i went out and trained my missiles skills to use for the carcal the problem there is that the fitting i found online was really bad and i couldnt do missions with it so i lost all my money it actually what promted me to make this post. and the last i would gladly take some help from you in game how can i reach you?

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