A list of broken things

My fellow capsuleers,
I would like to start a list of broken PVE things in missions, complexes and wormhole space to bring to CCP’s attention even though I may not even get elected in the upcoming CSM but I thought, I would better start early.

What I want from you is a short sentence of mission items, things in complexes - COSMOS, DED or unrated DED, wormhole sites and whatever I missed here in this thread.

Please, this is going to be a list, no judgement, politics or hurt feelings.

Thanks everyone!

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Let me start with the recent thread of the SOE Epic Arc:

  • The Armageddon is not supposed to be CONCORD

Wormhole class 4 data site Unsecured Frontier Digital Nexus:

  • Hacking a can does not always trigger the response and you can just collect the datacores
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Mazes should require you to finish all rats in each room and not be allowed to leave them as defenders.

Likewise, Naval Shipyards, Blood Raider in particular, should also require the destruction of all sentries and web towers before you can continue to the next room.


No. It just bring nothing. You already have to kill every rats in every DED signatures. The only combat sites I know where the acceleration gate is unlocked from the start are Rogue Drones combat signatures.

Have you ever done the Guristas Maze (10/10)?

I did, I believe Rivr when he said those things and I agree. Please keep this thread as a list of things to fix with no complaints, judgements or politics and feelings.

You cannot argue feelings or politics in the CSM. This is just things PVE related.

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In drone space capital npc spawns have completely replaced normal battleship commander spawns in belts as far as spawn table goes.
Drone squads have a higher escalation chance than drone patrol or drone horde.
It’s possible to stop a overseer sentry from reping entirely by makign it agro a drone through loging off and back in after e-warping as you had drones out.
Old generation of npcs found in anomalies DED sites and missions still have no stacking penalty for e-war unlike new generation found in abyss and diamond npcs.


It seems to me that ever since CCP changed the character sheet and added the ‘Interactions’ tab, the Epic Arcs have been generating more negative standing hits for ship kill compared to when they were first added to the game.

It was my understanding that the epic arcs were originally implemented so that Capsuleers had an option to repair and or boost Faction standings without damaging their other Faction standings in the process.

I just completed the Angel lv 3 epic arc and the negative standing hits for ship kill dropped my Minmatar Faction from +7.83 to +6.9 standing.

That’s a rather large standing hit and it’s not just on that epic arc, it happens on all of them now. That makes it very tough to keep existing standings.

On a side note - the numeric value listed in the standing changes of the character’s ‘Interactions’ page is being incorrectly displayed. Specifically the placement of the decimal point.

For example = the level 1 SoE Epic Arc gives +7.00% base standing increase when completed. With Social level 5 trained it is raised to +8.75% modified standing increase. Currently the standing change is displayed as +0.875% increase.

The numeric value for standing change in the Interactions tab of the Character sheet displays the placement of the decimal point in the wrong position, placement should be one spot over to the right.

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That is to be expected. If you shoot one faction, another faction becomes upset and decreases your standing.
If you repair your overall standing with all empires, you end up somewhere with a +6-ish for everyone.

There should be an occasional storyline mission which does NOT detrementally effect your standing with 2 of the main 4 factions. Missions saving refugees, delivering medical supplies, or supplying critically needed equipment to keep civilians alive, especially at stations owned and run by the opposing faction, shouldn’t then cause those factions to think less of you for helping them. Ditto for storyline missions where the enemy are considered hostile to all (Sansha,BR, Rogue drones); no matter what system they are engaged in, their destruction serves all of humanity.

Missions against all other pirate factions, main factions, and where the offering faction gains material or sole benefit from completion should keep opposing faction standing loss.


Well, you are misinformed then. Run a Maze or read about it and come back.

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This is normal for all missions, afaik unless it’s called out as a specific objective for the room, you’re not required to destroy all static defenses to advance to the next room. I don’t think CCP would want to go through the trouble of setting special rules for some sites, requiring them to link all static defenses to an acceleration gate.

Separately to the OP: I have heard that the COSMOS constellation missions are considered so non-intuitive for new players, which means support tickets, that COSMOS missions might be removed entirely, some day. I think all comments about “broken COSMOS missions” (about which I would trust DMC to have compiled great info) are dropped into a special circular file under the desk at CCP.

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Cheers man,
COSMOS missions should also come with a disclaimer that states that there was a world without tech 2 modules and meta 4 was the best of what the markets had to offer and COSMOS items were intended to be scarce but have good fitting stats and be on par with meta 4 modules in terms of power.

Now we have enchanted magic modules.


Yeah, I know how it works. You do know I did create the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’, right?

Anyway, what I’m talking about is the amount of negative standing hit’s received for ship kill while running the Epic Arcs is more now than it was back before the updated ‘Interactions / standing change’ page in the Character sheet was implemented.

By the way, I had all 4 main Empire Factions close to +8.00 standing and would have kept increasing them had I not decided to run the Pirate Arcs.


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No worries, I copied and pasted all of what you said in my file here at home. If elected, I will take that file to Iceland and bring it up.

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  • mission objectives spawning in the cargo hold.
  • the warning you get when you forget the cargo in a distribution mission.
  • they are too easy to do.
  • they lack proper ship limitations.
  • they provide zero depth or meaning.
  • missions do not cover social interactions,
    like “kill a players’ pod for whatever reason”.

Hmm, as much as I value your inputs,

[quote=“Solecist_Project, post:15, topic:155732”]
they are too easy to do.
[/quote] <- “they” as in distribution missions,
I believe the was the idea but I can bring it up if you want.

My intent was to gather information about things that are already in game but not working properly.
You can always invite your corp mates to join you when or if you run missions and interact with them or shoot them down for being bad or whatever.
Or you could follow the local channel where someone asks for help for some mission and you gank her or him instead.


Your quote’s ■■■■■■ up.

I meant security in general. Hell, I have to admit, all missions are security missions in my mind.

The first two levels are fine, but after lvl3 it is clear that the lack of appropriate ship requirements makes them too easy to run. New players rushing to battlecruisers for lvl3s is a sign that no one’s taking missions seriously for learning the game.

If lvl3s were locked to cruisers and below people would be required to put effort into them. Lvl4s are doable in battlecruisers too and that’s more engaging than doing them in battleships, because it - again - requires actual effort which makes them more challenging than running lvl3s in battlecruisers and lvl4s in battleships.

If you don’t believe this, then start a new char. Stick to destroyers for lvl3 security missions and you will notice how the game demands that you think and improve.

Irrelevant to my point. There are no missions that ask players to do thing with other players. There could be missions that get two people together to do something, including killing the other player.

I would have thought you’d touch on the second point, too. :slight_smile:

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Oh I see, I kinda like it.

I remember running level 3 and 4 missions in my heavy missile Ferox back in the day, so I know it is very possible and viable.



Not really a broken thing, this is more of an unfinished thing pertaining to the Epic Arcs.

The Amarr level 4 Epic Arc and the Gallente level 4 Epic Arc allows the player the option to complete them for the Pirate Factions instead of the Empire Factions. That’s Sansha (Amarr arc) and The Syndicate (Gallente arc).

The 2 different Pirate level 3 Epic Arcs are for Angel and Guristas. So far so good.

However, that leaves Serpentis and Blood Raider Factions. I think those 2 Pirate Factions should also have level 3 Epic Arcs added to the game.

Then there’s the ending pathway - Retraction - in the Minmatar level 4 Epic Arc. I think it should have it’s base standing gain of 5% raised to 10% like all the other level 4 Epic Arcs.

Also I think that ending pathway - Retraction - of the Minmatar level 4 Epic Arc should offer the option to complete it for Ammatar Mandate Faction, especially since running the Minmatar level 4 Epic Arc incurs negative standing hits to Ammatar Mandate Faction and also sends players into Ammatar Mandate space.

Lastly, Khanid Kingdom, The Interbus and Concord Assembly Factions also control high security systems, I think those Factions should also have Epic Arcs. That would allow players an option to gain standing with those Factions, thus securing ‘safe passage’ for the player in high sec systems controlled by those Factions.


Do we have a reward for thukker ? If no, do you think it’s worthless because they don’t own space in HS ? I don’t care but I think it’s worth mentioning in that context.

are a special faction, whose standing is translated as “secuity status” of your character IIRC. Having its own epic reward could lead to disastrous effects, especially since people can share the gain of epic missions.

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