New Lvl 1-5 Missions and 1-10 DED sites please CCPlease!

Ok… So it is that time again to ask CCP for some new mission and DED site content.

Far from the most exiting content in Eve but relaxing and a good way to make some iskies missions and DED sites have felt like abandon ware for years now.

This is not a request for the reinvention of the wheel, just for some new content.

The PVE content released over the past decade has been group or extra difficulty focused. I am not suggesting that this is in any way bad content but it dose not expend on the existing missions or DED sites.

I would like to see missions and DED sites of all levels that include the newer factions such as Drifters and Triglavians as well as reflecting the changes in the pirate factions. Also maybe a system where having extreme negative standings with a faction could open opportunities to do certain missions/events.

Put suggestions for what you would like to see from new missions and DED sites in this thread and maybe, just maybe though, CCP might make us some new content.

Don’t forget to take a pamphlet about Amarr Jesus on your way out!



Why limit it to missions and DEDs? New Escalations and new Combat Anomalies, too, please.

Each j-space type has 4 different combat anomalies and 4 different hacking sites.
Which basically means that there are 8 PVE sites in wormholes, unless you try varying wormhole types, but even then it’s only 12, unless you jump super fancy stuff to also run the relics of the higher tier / bother with anoms of the lower.

New WH content, please.

SOV Null PVE is basically about havens and sanctums. Maybe, since null PVE is afk farming 99% of the time, nullers can also deploy and forget their droneboats into a 4/10 anomalies, in which case null has 8 sites only, too… unless it’s dronelands, where there’s less, as usual.

also, epic arcs for Khanid Kingdom, Anmatar Mandate and Thukker Tribe please.

EDIT #2:
modify storyline missions to require minerals rather then ore.

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It is an interesting suggestion, and I bet there could be a way to add more content in that region.

I admittedly am of the posture that the present missions need a serious clean up in some spots that feel so 2003 outdated; redundant pop up windows during the mission, being sent off to excessively far off star systems (Waiting does not constitute fun), clumsily written summaries of the mission objectives that don’t always match up the mission description (And reading them is an incredible bore for me, too much useless lore stuff), etc.

There is room for improvement on the present ones before anything new can be considered. Burner missions were the last addition added, that was interesting stuff, still is.

From what I remember, the EVE PvE mission toolkit is like Pandora’s Box - no one at CCP really wants to even go near the thing (let alone touch it). This is why new PvE content has come in the form of Burners and Abyssals.

But I agree in premise - some new PvE content would certainly be welcomed.

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