Looking To Do Missions in empire while skilling up that wont destroy my standings with the pirate corporations

Ok so what I am looking for information regarding is standings, I want to start a new character and skill it up in empire space while raising factional standings, not going negative to anyone, and especially Not ruining standings with the pirate corporations for when I wander out to null with it. I would actually like to run missions for pirate factions eventually, something I was not able to do in the past with my other toons due to doing way too many kill missions for empire factions.

I know that raising some factions has a equal negative connotation for other factions but I would like to have my cake, and later down the road be able to eat it too. I thought maybe soe, or interbus and I guess distribution missions? but I am unsure and would like some input on the best ways to achieve my potentially unobtainable goal.

Any help would be wonderful.


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only standing increase that don’t have derived is epic.
So, reach 5 standing with the corporations for the epics L4, also the epics pirates, then only do epic arcs.


thank you


Check out ‘The Plan’, it can help you achieve your goal.


Only accept security missions against drones and mercenaries,
Not PvE by definition, but do all the mining and distribution missions you can manage.


Nice warhammer 40k artwork there.


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Just do the soe epic arc… and rotate the ending to a different faction and finally… do the empire epic arcs… dont do anything else unless its maxing out social skills

It takes a while, but it’s possible to do. I have a toon that has only positive standing with 19 factions and 139 NPC corporations.

I wanted to ping you into this thread …
… but you beat me to it.

Wow, positive with 19 Factions and 139 NPC Corps, that’s impressive.

I’m positive with 16 Factions, soon will be 18 Factions. I have all Empire, Thukker, Angel and Guristas at positive, currently working on Sansha and The Syndicate.

Unfortunately Blood Raiders and Serpentis are negative, I could raise them but that will make my Concord standing go negative and only give me 19 positive. Since I don’t want to make Concord Assembly negative, I’ll just settle with having 18 Factions positive.

Rogue Drones, Drifters and Triglavians are all neutral.

I haven’t counted how many NPC Corps are positive, will definitely have to check that out the next time I log in.

lol, might be a day or few before I see it, probably easier to just link ‘The Plan’ thread.

Anyway, thanks for the thought.

Unfortunately, 19 factions is all you can get. Well, technically 20 if you have an older toon that already had positive faction with Concord, but you can no longer do missions for Concord. And the other 3 are neutral. I’m currently working on increasing that 139 corporations to 157.

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Yeah, I got positive standing with Concord years before the security status / Concord Faction standing split was implemented. When I recently started working on raising Serpentis standing to positive, I received a couple of negative hits to Concord Faction standing so I stopped.

Basically in order for me to keep Concord Faction positive, all I can get is 18 Factions positive.

you can get serpentis standing (up to 3) by working with Thukker Tribe. They have 0 concord standing.

Unfortunately doing that will incur derived standing hits to almost all Empire Factions

Also I believe Thukker and Serpentis are neutral to each other.

+3 according to https://web.archive.org/web/20180318042341/http://newedenlibrary.net:80/eon/faction_standings.shtml

You can still get all the faction standing back with epics.

Yeah, that ‘New Eden Library’ graph is incorrect. I checked this ‘Evewiki’ Graph in the game and it has the correct standings listed.


The ‘In-Game Inter-Faction Relationships’ graph is read from the top down and the ‘Derived Inter-Faction Standing Modifier’ graph is read from left to right.

max out your social skills thats as best as you can do… do not shoot any npc’s

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