NPC Corp standings

So, Ive been running missions over and over and over (As you do) and my faction standing is now 9.99. Im rather obsessively trying to get the numbers to tick over to 10.0 for no other reason then because.

After 40 missions and still at 9.99, is it possible to hit the 10.0?

you won’t see it at 10 most likely… but if you do it will be FOREVER if/when you do… is your connections skill up? if not that could put it at 10

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Yeh, connections is up but its showing its having no affect on the standing

yea when its that high it won’t show it…
have you done an epic arc in a while? as that and storylines are the only way to raise faction standing, repeated ways anyway…

go to and I can work out how long it will take you to show 10



Certainly it’s possible, with and without skills. Didn’t even take that much time iirc. Only about 1.39M worth of LP from L4s.



Thanks dude!! Super useful, actually gave me all the info I needed!

The standing increase for each mission is a percentage of the difference between your current standing and 10.0 so it should not be possible but the computer has finite resolution so eventually you will round up!

wow! 10 with guardian angels and dominations and almost 10 with archangels? doesnt that bring down concord standing?

just run a lot of missions and you will get there eventually. the increase is not uniform, its more like a logarithmic increase, getting harder and harder to get to 10.

why would you want it to 10.00? just having 6 or 7 is enough to run level 5 agents. once you get over that it’s pointless.

I am not exactly well liked in Minmatar, Gallente and Concord space, no. :innocent: Itt’s worth it in my opinion. What’s interesting is that you can lose a ton of concord standing by running missions against DED, but you don’t lose any standing for corps in Concord Assembly. Since I am a stout Angel Cartel supporter that doesn’t bother me at all, though.

I don’t really understand why I am not 10 with AA. I declined a handful of missions in the past but I have run by far the most missions for this corp.

Some cosmos missions give out certain bpo or bpcs depending on your standing. Plus if you are a trader, you want your standings high as possible for corp and faction to get the lowest broker fee

getting faction standings to 10 is more of a bragging right. getting concord standings to above 5.0 is the thing to do. there are several players that have it to between 5.1 and 6, some even above 6. i hear you get repaired by concord if you have above 5 and they intervene faster if your get ganked.

they don’t repair you, they just intervene a couple of seconds faster.

Again the broker fee associated with trading has faction and corp base standings tied in. With no standings at jita 4-4 and broker relations to 5, you are paying 1.5% in fees. Raising corp and faction to 10 each brings that to 1.0%

You cannot gain concord standings

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