Need help increasing standing with Angel Cartel to do the Epic Arc

I’m at -2.5 or so and can’t run lvl 1 missions. What can I do to increase my standings so I can run those lvl one missions so then I can run the epic arc?

btw, I’m above 0.0 for the archangel corp. Are they part of the same faction? Could I do lvl 1 missions for archangels and increase my angel cartel standings that way? What system do I go to to start running missions for the archangels?

Thank you.

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i thought anyone could run level 1 missions

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afaik there is an alternate start for the pirate epic arcs they were designed so players with really bad pirate standings could fix them

The agency window shows an Imperial Navy agent as the first part of the angel epic arc.

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I just checked the agents for the Archangels and I can run those lvl 1 missions to increase my standings.

And I cant get my head around the agency window.

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agency- select epic.

You need a modified standing of 3 for any one of the below:

Dominations corporation or the Angel Cartel faction
Republic Security Services corporation or the Minmatar Republic faction
Amarr Navy corporation or the Amarr Empire faction


I did it recently on the Republic Security ticket.

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Yeah, that’s +3.00 standing with Corp or Faction. If using Corp standing for access, the Faction has to be above -2.00 standing.

Yeah, but if you do it with the Republic Sec Service, that is Minmatar faction and Amarr for the Amarr Navy. No Angel faction check anywhere.

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