How to increase standings above -5.0 with Angels/Serpentis

My standings with both of these factions are below -5 (-5.3 and -6.5 respectively). However, I’m looking at running missions for them in Curse, but if I go there, I’ll get chased due to technically being at war with the angels (because -5.0).

What can I do to change this? Cheers in advance o7

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Run L1 security missions with a storyline agent in the same system.

For instance:

Alternatively: Don’t bother. Get yourself a second account and accept missions with that account and use your main character to run the missions.


This works: I’m just concerned that on the standings chart, under -5.0 it says: “You will be attacked upon entering this faction’s space”.

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That’s only really valid in high sec. There, the faction police will hunt you if you don’t move quickly. For NPC pirate factions, it does not matter that much. The normal NPCs in belts or anoms will attack you even if you have +10 standing to them. The new shipyard NPC or the belt miners and belt miner response fleets, however, are affected by standing and either attack, ignore or help you depending on your standings. You won’t encounter them in missions yet, though, and low standing to the pirate factions does not prevent you from docking in their stations.


Thank God. Cheers for clearing that one up. o7

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The best way to increase your angel faction standing is to run the angel epic arc. There are different starting agents so the negative angel standing is not an absolute obstacle at all.


yep, and looks like serp and angels like each other so running the angel arc with high social skills should get you high enough to run missions, and then running some angel story lines should put you in good serpentis standings.

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Wow, I’m surprised nobody mentioned ‘The Plan’.

First thing to do is train up the Diplomacy skill. 4% increase per level to your current negative standings.

You should also train up the Social skill. 5% bonus per level to NPC agent, corporation and faction standing increase for completing missions.

And since you’re dealing with Pirate NPC Agents, you’ll want to have trained up Criminal Connections skill. 4% increase per level to your current positive standing towards NPCs with low Concord standing.

Lastly since you’re running missions, might as well train up Negotiation skill. 5% increase in pay per skill level for completing agent missions.

There are various Epic Arc missions available for Faction standing increase. The Pirate Epic Arc missions are conducted mainly in Null sec (0.00) space and give a base Faction standing increase amount of +30.00% (Social skill will raise that amount). They are designed to be run in small hull class ships, mainly Interceptor’s but Frigates, Assault Frigates, Stealth Bombers, Destroyers and Tactical Destroyers can also be used. To access the Pirate Epic Arcs, you need Corporation or Faction of +3.00 standing. If using Corporation standing for access, the Faction needs to be above -2.00 standing. There are 3 different starting agents for the ‘Angel Sound’ Epic Arc:

Agent = Aton Hordner
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Republic Security Services
Faction = Minmatar Republic
Location = Egbinger system at Celestial Beacon ‘Minmatar Shipyards’

Agent = Arajna Ashia
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Amarr Navy
Faction = Amarr Empire
Location = Sendaya system at Celestial Beacon ‘Abandoned Research Station Sigma Nine’

Agent = Ellar Stin
Agent Level = 3
Corporation = Dominations
Faction = Angel Cartel
Location = Konora system at Celestial Beacon ‘The Coward Eller Stin’

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