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Since I began playing EVE I never really flew missions. I know they aren’t as lucrative as the abyss but since I just want to do something with my corpmates who aren’t really into pvp I thought missoning would be an idea. I am going to fly them in Amarr space. But now I have a few questions:

  1. How high should my standings be?
  2. What are the resists of my enemys?
  3. What are my enemys?
  4. What is a good way of keeping standings over -5?
  5. anything else I need to comsider?
    Fly safe!
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  1. above -10 for L1 missions
    1.0 for L2 missions
    3.0 for L3 missions
    5.00 for L4 missions (if omega pilots)
    1a. faction standing will give access to all corporations under their belt
    1b. storyline missions affect standings with other empires, but raises faction standings. epic arcs raises faction standings as well but has negative impacts against others, but not like storylines

  2. Checking the info of each enemy type, or looking at eve uni wiki for missions or eve survival guide can tell you what enemies you’ll be facing and what they are weak to.

  3. pirate factions: gurista/sansha/serpentis most often… sometimes it might be against another empire faction (enemies abound pits you against gallente if you are in caldari space)

  4. -5 against whom? other factions? don’t do storyline missions and rotate doing the epic arcs for each faction to maintain good standings to each.

  5. There’s two options to deal with standing issues… there’s a standing repair plan which requires a bit of effort if you find your standings too low where you don’t want them.
    and the other option, there is a service for 12 years that has been selling standings for other pilots for whatever reason(with no major participation from the person needing standings), and recently have started selling faction standing raises as well.


Thx a lot!
How do they sell the standings and how can I contact them?

you can find us at discord.unitestandings.org
and we can speak with you there about how we operate.

basically utilizing the fleet mechanic (rewards can be shared between 10 pilots in a fleet). Standings, mission rewards and LP is apart of what is shared.

-10 , not -2.

To maintain access to high level Agents above level 1, both Faction and Corp standings need to stay above -2.00 standing.

Also if you have the time to play and don’t have the ISK to buy standings, I suggest you check out ‘The Plan’. It’s actually pretty easy to gain Faction Standing fairly quick…

Thx for the plan!

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