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Help! I want to play as a merchant. I read the guides. The maximum you need is 10 to the faction. Flew over agents with tokens. With them there was a very rapid increase. I only have a cargo ship well pumped. Is there some way to speed up the process? Already sick of courier missions (((Sometimes after 16 missions a mission drops out with an increase of 0.688. And this is divine !!! Is there an adequate way to quickly raise the ratio to 10 ??? Help please !!!

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You’re ok if you have MUCH less than 10.

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Standing 10 to a faction is near impossible, and even harder as hell to get above 8.00
to be a trader, you need the Corporation standings and faction standings of the station where the trading is to be near perfect.

Jita 4-4 for example, you need to have Caldari Navy and Caldari State both near 10 to have the most beneficial reduction in taxes, plus with the tax break by CCP, its only like 1% when you have near perfect standings.

The options you have to raise FACTION standings are 1. Storyline missions (the mission you referred to)
2. Epic Arc for that particular faction. It has a really nice increase to faction standing at the end of the arc.

Now, if you want an “easy” button to raise your corp or faction standings (though not cheap by any means)
discord.unitedstandings.org and we can help you achieve your goal.
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The important standing is the one for the NPC corporate owner of the station where the market is. In the case of Amarr that is the Emperor Family.

To improve standing you can mission run for them - any type of mission they offer. But the standing gain tails off appreciably as you get near to 10.0 - getting very close (I’m 9.96 to the Family) is very hard work (and I like mission running!)

You can improve standings with the Connections skill.

There are also Trade skills that reduce the Sales Tax and the Broker Charges since that is, I suspect, your objective.

In practice don’t sweat perfection: good enough is adequate. If your margins are so thin that a 1% change in taxes and charges is the difference between profit and loss then look for other items to trade or make.

Many thanks for the help! I got to 6 in a short time. About a week. But the main increase was provided by agents in space with tokens. I will download until 8!) Thank you !!!)

The above statement I made is true, both standings affect market. While Corp standings may seem more important, it’s less of the percentage off than faction.

Also connections doesn’t help with broker fees etc. It goes off base standings.

You are right about diminishing returns beyond 8.00. Trying to go from 8 to 9 is like going from -10 to 0

@Uobb_Nestt , most market traders that utilize our services, go to either 5.00, 8.00 or 9.00, simply based on how much volume is moving. If you are a new trader, 5.00 with unmodified standings to the corporation may be sufficient.

If you are moving several hundred billion or more, raising the faction and Corp standings higher to 8.00 will be more beneficial

What services do you provide? I found a good tool. It seems to me. Adam4.

I stand corrected - I’ve never really worried the fine details of the savings on Sales Tax and Brokerage: if the whole production has a margin of less than about 10-15% I’m not interested to start with.

I’m normally down in the few hundred million mark for a typical manufacturing run.

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