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Hey Guys how are you?

So I just list my questions below:

  1. How can I increase my standing with a corporation faster? (for security missions)
  2. I fly a Dragoon at the moment and I love it, I just love drones but I want to upgrade but stay Amarr because cross-training seems, at this stage, like too much of a hurdle, what ships should I go for? PVE, Missions, BC and Cruisers.
  3. I love salvaging also, should I salvage my mission loot? Can salvaging in a Noctis or something be a career?
  4. I mine in highsec but only in a Fleet, I fly the cheap 25% Reduction on XXX ship, should I stay with it or get an Orca or different mining ships?
  5. When do you make money from security missions?
  6. When I do PI, why does it matter how long I set the timer on the extraction units if I always can stop them?
  7. When can I get lvl 2 Missions?
  8. I have no Idea how Research and Industry work but they look cool. Is it worth investing time into it if you are a small player? Singe I heard the margins are very small.
  9. Can I trust reddit? lol

Thank you!

Train the Social skill.

I’m not an Amar Pilot, but this link should be helpful for you:

It can, but only if you have people that you can reliably send you out to salvage their wrecks. Mission runners, etc. You’ll need friends or a corp.

This totally depends on the fleet dynamics and how you roll with them, and I don’t understand what ship you are referencing, but you will want to train into a Barge and then an Exhumer if you want to go further. Orcas don’t really get benefits in a fleet the way other ships do since the mining drones aren’t affected by command bursts.

When you can run L4s, do so efficiently, and can turn your LP into ISK.

Yes it matters. Multiple shorter cycles will harvest more than single longer cycles over the same time frame.

As soon as you have a 1.0 standing with a Corp, Agent, or Faction.

This is a topic of study and the game that covers a lot more territory than can be covered here. There are several good posts and threads on this topic in the forums, and lots of articles in UniWiki on industry.

As much as you can trust any other forum source on the web (including what I just wrote here :wink: )

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  1. Social, and Connections skills improve standings. Security Connections skill improves rewards. Run all 3 sets of career missions for Amarr - each is worth 7.5% standing with Amarr. Run the SOE Epic Arc - it’s worth 8% standing with Amarr. (exact percentages will vary depending on social skills). Run storyline missions for your corporation of choice - they grant a lot of standing for both the corp and faction.
  2. Amarr T1 drone boats like the Arbitrator and Armageddon primarily EWAR focused. You’ll probably be better off with the SoCT hulls like the Gnosis and Praxis which don’t need any additional skills to fly.
  3. Use an MTU to loot your missions and a squad of salvage drones to salvage.
  4. For mining use a Procurer or Retriever. Procurer has a stronger tank, Retriever a larger cargohold. Insure them - that way it only takes a few loads of ore to pay for the ship if you get ganked.
  5. You can generate reasonable ISK/hour with level 4 missions. You’ll need to run combat anomalies in Nullsec to get rich with that kind of PVE. Higher level Abyssal sites also pay well.
  6. The longer your PI program, the less you harvest per cycle. I set mine for 3 days. 2 days is likely the most “efficient” if you’re willing to invest the time.
  7. Level 2 missions require +1 standing. You should have that after completing the career missions.
  8. I make my living in Eve doing industry. It is skill intensive and will take time to learn what to sell and where - profits are excellent if you sell the right product in the right place at the right time!
  9. It’s risky but so is Eve.

Good luck!


As @Leah_Crowleymass has already given good answers as an Amarrian pilot and T2 industrialist I can answer the other questions.

Amarr drone ships.
Dragoon - quite right, it’s a nice drone destroyer.
Arbitrator - the cruiser equivalent of the Dragoon. Good for Level 2 missions
Prophecy - the Amarrian drone battlecruiser for level 3 missions.
The Armageddon is the Amarr drone battleship. To be honest, the Apocalypse is a better level 4 mission runner. Might work with Sentry Drones.

Seriously look at Omen, Harbinger, Apocalypse as the alternative path. You’ll not have wasted the drone skills, but they are all potent energy turret ships.

Salvage: you may find a Coercer (the other destroyer) fitted with tractors and salvagers is s good cheap alternative to the Noctis.

I like industry, but specialisation is important as it can be skill intensive. is s good place to start down that particular rabbit hole.

In general, specialisation takes time to train and learn - mission running, mining, manufacturing, salvaging, combat, whatever. And it’s in specialisation that the best rewards are found. However,it’s always risk and reward, sometimes you have to place a lot on the line to reap a big reward (or take a stonking loss).

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Hi there I can help you into industry, and market, if interested just send me a mail.

Do the Sisters of EvE epic arc (it’s designed for newer players) and choose the Amarr commander at the end. Look up ‘faction standings repair plan’ and do it.

Amarr drone cruiser - arbitrator

Amarr drone battlecruiser - prophecy

Amarr drone battleship - armageddon

Drones are indeed fun, but frying things with laser turrets is quite satesfying. I recommend it.

As much as you can trust women. Sometimes yes… good luck

Welcome to the glorious Amarr Empire
Mind your step, and don’t be a filthy heretic.

  1. Get the social and connections skills, social will increase your standings gains and connections increases your effective standings.
  2. Arbitrator is a nice step up it’s a pretty good drone cruiser. I haven’t really used the prophecy at all I’ve mostly used laser based ships,
  3. I generally don’t salvage mission loot, the main exception is in missions vs empire factions all the money is in the tags, farming those missions for the tags can be good income. In wormhole space looting is where the money is and salvage is unique not sure how valuable it is these days though. And sounds like the new trig invasions have money in salvage.
  4. not really a miner so not sure, if you have fleet boosts and a hauler I’d guess a barge would be best. Since you have people you mine with probably best to ask them
  5. I think lv3s are where the money starts to get decent, and if you can get into high end level 4 running the isk making is pretty competitive with other high end professions.
  6. no idea never done PI
  7. Should only take a few missions and once you train connections to lv3 you should have near instant access as it will bump 0.01 standings to over 1.0.
  8. industry is where I made a lot of my isk. Most of the money I’ve found was in t2 production. Some margins might seem small but when you can churn out a 1000 items a day it can be substantial. I always calculate my build prices with jita sell values, I don’t want to build something if I could sell the materials for more isk. Also track how much money you are making with each slot, I used to build t1 base items but when I looked at the prices in jita it was better to just buy them and do another t2 item run than waste job time on the t1 items.
  9. yes and no, there’s a lot of bitter vets that are stuck in their ways, in general people know what they are talking about but there can be a lot of bias.

Thank you all this helped me alot!

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just a comment
you ask questions about many different topics at the same time (ratting, salvaging, missions, mining etc)
My advice for newbies is always to focus on ONE activity (either mining, or ratting/mission, or salvaging etc). Because different activities require different skills. If you try to do many different things at the same time, you won’t be good at anythg. So select the activity you prefer, level up the skills for this activity, and when you are good at it, you will get decent isks income from it and you will be able to set up the skill queue for another activity. The exception is PI, because PI can be run passively while you are doing any of the other activities.
Tldr: choose one between salvaging, mining, missions, explo etc and add pi.And when you are a good miner/explorer/mission runner/…, learn a second path

PS: “scalvaging” doesn’t exist. Only" salvaging" :wink:

Don’t try and go quickly up the standings ladder…it will come before you know it if you just happily complete mission after mission for about a week…you’ll reach level 4 security agents pretty quickly for your chosen corporation.

But please beware that accepting missions where you have to destroy ships belonging to one of the other 3 empires will lower your standing badly with that race, and by the time you reach level 4 your standing with let’s say Caldari or Amarr will be negative.

That happened to me when I was new and I got to level 4 Minmatar Faction security agent.

Also doing the storyline missions for your chosen agent (storylines appear every 16th mission) will lower your standing slightly with the opposing two factions slightly.

Good things to know.

Before you accept a mission you can see who the enemies/rats you have to fight are - by clicking on the symbol in the top right usually of the mission description.

It will have a sansha/serpentis/guristas or whatever symbol…and then sometimes will be one of the factions belonging to one of the 4 high-sec empires, so u just gotta pay attention.

If it is one of these 4 factions you can decline the mission if you like. But don’t decline more than one mission from the same agent in less than two hours - someone may need to correct me on this time limit.


Now about ships: Gila is the best drone ship for level 3 missions. I think it can do level 4 missions also. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have fully trained CORE skills though. Otherwise you will just lose it.

Standard battlecruiser/battleship skilling will do the trick neatly.

If he does just one thing that is a definite way to get bored quickly and lose interest in the game completely.

It happened to me. Better he mixes up the flavour and does a range of things.

Also a good way to learn.

It’s supposed to be a game, not a chore.

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I think it’s 4 hours.

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sorry if i was unclear, i was talking about the skill queue. I give the advice to focus on one set of skills for one specific activity, rather than trying to learn very different skills for very different careers at the same time. Of course you can still do pvp in a t1 frig, or some explo, to get some fun to not get bored of your main non-pvp activity.

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