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(Jimmy Kaos) #1

Struggling with mountains out of mole hills mission, it’s telling me to kill things on 4th part of the mission, but my venture had no weapons? How am I supposed to kill without weapons? Someone mentioned light drones, I’ve done the skill injection, but no idea what to do now? What drones am I wanting?

(Retainer of Souls) #2

A venture has a hangar that can carry two light scout drones - hobgoblin, warrior, hornet or acolytes - use two of any of these

(erg cz) #3

Your venture have 2 turret hardpoints. Fit mining laser in one and whatever gun you have in the second. Now you do not need drones, but dornes is good to have anyway.

(Jimmy Kaos) #4

So what do these drones actually do? They fight? basically I’m brand new, I’ve left weapons somewhere, left a ship somewhere, so ive bought a projectile turret, a new ship, and now I need to buy drones, lol, I’m not even making isk atm, will my drones fight and mine? Also, it won’t let me fit my weapon on my venture, it says it will destroy the rig?

(Retainer of Souls) #5

Light scout drones fight - buy two and load them into your ship’s drone bay. Go to the mission site, launch drones, target rats and press “f” for the drones to engage…

Don’t forget to recall them once they have killed the rats

You can get separate mining drones , but not as an alpha account

(Jimmy Kaos) #6

So with regards to the destroy rig message, what’s that about? I’m defo floundering here aren’t I? Haha

(Retainer of Souls) #7

Try this for a tutorial on drones:

Rigs, once fitted to ships, are destroyed if you remove them, but a projectile weapon is not a rig

(Jimmy Kaos) #8

Well its telling me when trying to fit my projectile that it will destroy the rig, so I have nothing to worry about there then?

(Retainer of Souls) #9

What exactly are you trying to fit?

(erg cz) #10

He bought projectile rig and thinks it is the turret. Eve is a bit too complicated for some… I would say another set of tutorial agent would be nice to go through in that case.

Or just join some newbie friendly corp, they will walk you through.

(Retainer of Souls) #11

That explains it, thx

(Jimmy Kaos) #12

I joined one that claimed to be newbro friendly, but they’ve barely spoke, lol

(Leah Crowleymass) #13

Something else that you can do is work with the ships and fittings that you have to get down some of the basics of fitting and modules.

A ship has 4 places that you can fit “things”- high, medium, low, and rig slots. Rigs are unique in that you cannot remove rigs without destroying them, but all other slots you can add and remove things as you like. Here’s a good overview of how fitting works (Yes, it’s long- welcome to EVE :rofl: )

What I would suggest is to look at your ships and modules that you have. Your venture will have 3 high slots (which are generally used for weapons), but only 2 of these have what are called “hard points” where you can mount a mining laser, weapon, etc.

Hop into your corvette (the ship that you started with), open the fitting, and remove the Civilian Gattling Gun. Then hop into your Venture and add that to one of the high slots. This is a pretty weak weapon, but it will get the job done for that mission. As mentioned, using drones is also a perfectly viable approach.

Also, look at these missions as an opportunity to learn about things like fitting and modules, not just missions. Look at the stats, see what they do and how they fit, and how the general process for fitting goes. Fitting modules is a very deep art and science, so this kind of study is helpful.

Also, other missions (such as the Military arc) introduce more modules, so you can get more practice there.

Lastly, for a good starter corp, you might want to look at E-Uni. The corp is great for beginners and their wiki is essentially the user manual for EVE:

Of course, we are always here to try to help in the forums as well.

Forgot to add the fitting guide link. Derp.

(Solonius Rex) #14

They are a crappy corp. Leave them. Join eve university or brave newbies or something instead.

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