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Currently on the mission “Making Mountains of Molehills (4 of 10)”. I have the Tritanium but it won’t let me turn in. The mission keeps telling to go back to the mission destination which is an asteroid belt.

Make sure the tritanium is in your ship’s hold before you talk to the agent to finish the mission.
Alternatively you undock with the tritanium in your cargo hold, go mine a few seconds and go back to the station to talk to the agent. Make sure you have the amount requested.
I had the same issue.

I tried that using the Venture, I even tried using my initial free ship I started with. I’m not sure if I have to kill a rogue ship, in which case I’m not even sure how to target and keep my gatling gun firing rounds as it stops going off after a few seconds.

Did you mine the asteroid and reprocess to get the tritanium?

Or did you just buy the tritanium?

I mined the ore then reprocessed. Here’s the objective:

Destroy the rogue drones and mine the veldspar for your agent. You’ll need to reprocess the ore into minerals when you return to the station.

So it seems getting my ship to keep attacking is the issue. Is there a way to auto target and auto attack?

Buy 2 light drones (type doesn’t matter, just pick some cheap T1s) and load them into your Venture’s drone bay. Once at the belt, deploy the drones and they should attack any NPCs that start shooting you.

Alternatively, you can Ctrl-click the enemy ship on the overview to target it and press F to command your drones to shoot it.

Don’t forget to re-call them before warping off.

Ooof, so I bought a few drones only to realize I needed a book/skill to use them. Guess I’ll have to wait a day while I learn the drone skill.

Level 1 skills only need a few minutes. Also you want to train Drones to level 2 to be able to deploy two of them at a time.

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Whoops, I got ahead of myself and got lvl V drones…

You need warp to location provided by the agent. Destroy two hostile NPC’s that are at the site or will spawn soon after you start mining (can’t remember on top of my head). I believe you also need to mine enough ore to be able refine into at least needed amount of trit.

Easiest done with venture and two small drones in drone bay. If you don’t yet have skills for drones. Use your starting ship or whatever you have in hangar and put one mining laser plus one gun.

Don’t worry about it - almost inevitably you’ll end up training it to Level V quite quickly - many ships have a drone bandwidth for five small drones as a way of being able to defend against smaller craft.

Did you manage to finish the mission? and how are you getting on now?

Just got home from work. In a little bit, I’ll go back online and try.

The guns stops shooting after a minute or so without killing the NPC’s. One of the issues I was having.

Got it done, now I’m at mission 8 of 10. Need to make the shuttle but don’t have the cargo space for it,

You shouldn’t need or even be able to put the shuttle or materials into your cargohold. Put it into your item hangar, then you can build it from the bpc.

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I think I tried that once building Caps Boosters but the BPC was showing the required items in red.

Off topic and just out of curiosity, are there any bigger ships with higher capacity hold that I can get or do I need to sub to Omega state for those?

  • Put your BPC and input materials to your station hangar (move out from your ship cargo hold into the station’s item hangar where you are docked at).
  • Use the blueprint (initiate manufacturing job thus load the manufacturing interface).
  • Top right corner make sure your input material location is pointing at your current station.
  • Start your manufacturing job.
  • Profit.

(Note: See above linked article for screenshot and details.)

Nereus is pretty cool for moving random stuff around highsec. Put on some shields, a Damage Control and some Inertial stabilizers and you should be good to go. A microwarpdrive can also be pretty useful when you need to fly back to gates and stuff.

Also note that this shouldn’t be used for moving any actually valuable items. For that, there are much safer methods.