A couple questions

I have a few questions. For reference, I’ve completed all of the career agent tasks and did a very little bit of mining , exploration and visited a combat anomaly or two.

  1. If i kill all the enemies in a combat anomaly and someone else comes by to scan and take the spoils, can i attack them? Assuming high sec. Does it matter is its yellow or white on the display?

  2. Is there any profit to redoing the career agents at another school, or are the benefits really small compared to real game play? That is, I can get a few more free ships etc but the time it takes I can also be mining or exploring.

  3. is combat always along the lines of: orbit, lock target, fire with the real skill being in doing that stuff faster and fitting your ship and knowing your opponents strengths and weaknesses?

  4. The junk I get from scanning ship debris (broken trigger button, etc), how and when does that become useful? Someone said i would be using it to build “stuff”, but I don’t know what, where or when.

  5. What is ratting?


It does not.
You can only engage Criminals, which will show up as flashy red in local.

Not really. They’re all about the same bare minimum amount of isk.

At the most basic level, kind of. There’s a lot more that is involved, but you won’t really get the chance to understand it without every weeks of experience.

Just sell 'em on the market, You’re not at the level for them to be useful.

Killing NPC pirates.

1.- Yes, yellow, white, and blue wrecks in hisec matter to the game mechanics on how players interact with each other. You would do well for yourself to read up on it.

1a- Much of the time when someone comes in to a place you are doing things in hisec and starts taking things they don’t really want the things, they are trying to bait you in various ways.

5- Ratting is simply destroying NPCs, usually for the bounties CONCORD pays for the task, sometimes for particular items or escalations also and other possible reasons.

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Welcome to Eve.

  1. People can salvage your wrecks without penalty. If they loot your wrecks they will get a suspect timer that allows you to engage them without CONCORD interference. Generally people do this to bait you - they want you to take a shot at them because that sets up a limited engagement allowing them to shoot back. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Timers

  2. Each set of career agents earns about 7.5% faction standing. The SOE Epic Arc earns about 8% for the faction of your choice +/- depending on social skills. If you’re ready for level 3 or 4 missions but need a bit more standing, that’s a good way to earn it. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/NPC_standings

  3. For PVE combat pretty much. For PVP combat you’ll want to learn manual piloting skills that let you manage your transversal and control range. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Manual_piloting

  4. Salvage is used to build rigs - think of them as implants for ships and structures. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Salvaging

  5. If you shot NPC’s in anomalies, you were ratting. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Combat_sites


Not only anomalies, shooting NPCs (rats) at

  • signatures
  • missions
  • escalations
  • beacons
  • asterroid belts
  • gates
  • the abyss
  • wormholes (drifters)

is also considered ratting.

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