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I have been doing missions on and off when I have time, mainly the weekends. I am doing Lvl 2 mission agents now, my question is Do I just keep doing missions and skilling up until I am able to do Lvl 3 missions and so on? And at what point can I do pvp?? Plz help a pilot out. I just wanna be sure I’m on the rite path. Thanks. -32BitzOfGiL

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That’s really up to you.

You can engage in PvP whenever, really, just a matter of whether you feel comfortable with it.

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What would be another way to move up other than mission grinding??

You can join up with a player corporation and see what they’ve got to offer.

Maybe go do some wormhole exploration with a T1 explo frig and possibly meet up with some cool wormholers.

Hell, you can even go to Jita and scam people in local.

It’s a sandbox, you can do almost whatever you want.

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You find WH how? Send out probes and find anomaly’s?

You’ll be looking for Cosmic Signatures, not Anomalies.
Signatures are those red icons in space, Anomalies are green.

And yeah, if you know how to use probes, use them and look for signatures that give you “Unidentified Wormhole” results. Just be sure to right click and Save Location on both sides of the wormhole, so you can find your way back.

Ok great. Thanks man

If you want PVP, then find a faction warfare corp. They will train you up for PVP.

Can you put probes on any ship??

The combat probe launcher can be hard to fit, but the regular core probe launcher will fit on any ship that has a high slot.

Missioning is garbage money until you get to the point where you can blitz level 4’s, but that’s a long ways away. There are a lot of better ways to make money in the meantime, you just need to do your research. And yes, I know that sounds insane, but a little bit of research can help you make the best use of your isk grinding time.

Anyway, one activity I like recommending to newbros is incursions. You can make damn good money for a newbro, it’s a social activity, and Warp To Me is newbro friendly. The caveat is that you need to be able to fly one of their starter battleships. You can find the rookie guide here. Click on the “fits” tab for accepted fits.

There is no minimum SP requirement for PvP. More SP will give you an advantage, but player skill is still the biggest determining factor for fight outcomes. You can learn a lot by watching videos and all that, but eventually you will need to get out there and practice if you hope to get better. I’ve heard people recommend different approaches into getting into PvP, but I think the nullblocs provide a good starting point (i.e. pandemic horde and brave newbies). They’ll have stuff like free ship handouts, SRP, and sometimes even newbro “guides” that will explain what’s going on and what to do to newbros. Naturally, being an F1 monkey doesn’t require a lot of skill, but you can learn a lot by taking on other rolls such as tackle, logi, and scout. So, it’s quite forgiving in terms of player skill requirements and risk management, and you can still learn a lot.

You might be better off doing HS combat anomalies and rats. A decent T1 destroyer would suffice for most, like the Cormorant (rail guns snipey) or Algos is good too (drones+hybrids). You also have the occasional faction loot drop which is a sweet bonus to your wallet. Remember that Google is a huge bonus when trying to figure out sites. Just copy/paste and search for info.

If you want to go PvP, I’d suggest joining an established group. You reap huge benefits as a new pilot in skillbooks and training, fleets and most of all comraderie. Eve is best played with friends!

In a corp, they offer PvP training, how to fit and use web, point, scram, etc., how to fly, (distance, angular velocity and that stuff) and what kind of defense you should think of (flee, wait for help, aggress, MWD or not, using timers).
When you prefer staying solo, you can join open fleets and ask questions, they tend to be really kind and helpful to interested players, and you get into pvp with some helping hands, including the shared loss when your fleet may be destroyed. It’s actually fun to die together in a tough fight…

Hello there x32! Welcome to the conversation!

When I started out, I blew through L1 and L2 missions as fast as possible to L3. The real money in mission running in hi-security space is L4, but there’s a bigger skill gap to effectively fly an L4 than is required to move between L2 and L3. You want to get to L3 as soon as you can competently pilot a ship that can do that (cruiser or battlecruiser)

How do you know if you’re ready? If you go in there and find that you’re having to warp out over and over to survive, it’s probably too soon. That’s the bellwether.

Now, onto PVP. That is not an easy question. PvP comes in so many shapes and sizes. Big fleets, 1on1, and small squads. Attacking big floating structures or attacking defenseless mining ships who can’t fight back effectively.

The really cool thing about PVP though is you can join in with fleets pretty easily, very early on, as a tackle ship. Your job is to go out in a small, fast ship and prevent the enemy ships from warping away. But to enjoy the PvP experience early on, you really need to join an experienced pvp corporation. You could do it the hard way, and go through trial and error. PvP in Eve is so nuanced and advanced compared to any other game out there, having mentors early on will really make a difference in your enjoyment.

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