Returning to EvE, what to do

good afternoon’ (in Holland that is),

I’ve been playing EvE of and on for the last 10 years+, however for the last 5 years of.

Back then on another char inspired by ‘Gundam Wing’: Zechs Kushrenada. Missioning was my middle name, eventually worked up to 18m SP all focused on the CNR. Safe to say I could mission very effectively. However as a lot of eve players will tell you I got bored with it. No corp, no PvP … it get’s old fast then.

Right now fresh start with a fresh char and now playing the exploration game. For new pilots I gotta admit ISK wise this is way faster as a beginner. Got a Vexor now running the combat sites. With a few lucky drops up to 140 mil in a week. That for me is a lot with a low sp char. However reading up on Wormholes (want to try this) and reading up some more and more and not getting the entire concept. Jumped in a few (cloaked and all) trying to get some data/relic sites (no succes yet). But again, alone.

I would really love to learn/join PvP this time around. The thing is I have a normal life as well ^^ with a girfriend, building a house and having a decent job. So I’m a casual player. In order to not spend your entire pvp career in a Tristan you need to make ISK, and I"m sure as hell not going to do that with missioning again. Or at least not as only means.

I really like the social aspect and will join whatever op is going on if that is mandatory (in a corp). However with the limited time I have I also need to make ISK for the fun parts of the game :slight_smile:

So my question is: What would be my best way of gaining my ISK for the pvp part and are there corporations who take in folk like me with limited eve time? I really like to start an adventrue in low or null sec or start exploring wormholes but like it or not, ISK needs to be made…


Matthias Lucius.

Drop by the “STRXP Public” channel in game and our forum recruitment post. We’d love to talk with you about our wormhole corp.

I’ll do that and have a little chat with you guys.

Thanks for the reply!

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