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Thank you for your interest in Star Explorers

Star Explorers is a C4 wormhole corporation built for mature pilots looking for a long term home in Anoikis. Our core principle is one of Combat Exploration. Combat Exploration is the combination of exploration in combat capable ships. While we promote other activities that support this core tenet, it is in our name to be Explorers and in our DNA to be ready for a fight.

Because of our mature player base and RL > EVE focus, we offer a home for players who may have sporadic play times, occasional absences, but who share a dedication to their experiences in EVE. We also have a strong desire to help players experiencing wormhole space for the first time. To this end, our exploration fleets are smaller in design and skill requirements to meet the needs of those pilots while providing opportunities to escalate content to larger engagements.

We are looking for pilots to expand our ranks with a primary focus on EU and late US timezone players. New or old to New Eden, we have no minimum skill requirement. A full account API is required of all applicants.

Basic information about our corporation can be found at http://www.starexplorers.net

As a corporation, we provide

  • C4 wormhole home with C3 and C5 static connections
  • Multiple Astrahus Citadels
  • Teamspeak server
  • Slack chat for out of game communications
  • Excellent PI resources with corp owned customs offices with low 3% tax
  • Mature, respectful pilots. Asshats need not apply.

If you are looking for a drama-free environment built by mature pilots, please stop by our public chat : STRXP Public or contact Obil Que for more information

Returning to EvE, what to do
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We are still Looking for mature players!Join us in our Public channel: STRXP Public

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Watch for our ad during this year’s AT matches!

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Alive and kicking, or getting kicked :smile:

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I will find you in game

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We are still looking for new Members! Join us in our Public Channel!

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Still here. Still looking for likeminded Combat Explorers!

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Anoikis is waiting for you!