Terrible PVP Pilot looking for Corp

Terrible PVP pilot looking for US TZ operating in 0.0 or wormhole space (75M sp, no capital skillz).

RL is real, so casual play style and attitude is a must.

Operating out of Black Rise is a bonus.

Interested in PVP: micro- and small-gang stuff.

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No Black Rise in our wormhole but check is out if you’re looking to get out of k-space. We’re RL > EVE at our core.

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Try FEDUP… That’s about the end of your viable options in Black Rise.

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Hey @ZapRat_Too

If you’re looking for a more casual lowsec based pvp corp you should definitely check out our corp Filthy Peasants.

Filthy Peasants is a US TZ lowsec/npc 0.0 pvp corp that lives in the Solitude region. We’re all players who enjoy pvp and are constantly on the look out for the next good fight. Our ops are mainly lowsec/0.0 roams, blops hunting, capital drops, and occasional structure bash/defense ops.

Our culture is very casual with a relaxed atmosphere and no expectations other than to pvp when available. We have established leadership and great FCs that work hard to provide us content. We also have a variety of ISK making opportunities available such as exploration, missions, ratting, and moon mining if your low on money.

If you’re interested join our public channel Open Filth to come talk to us or convo/mail me in game.

I thought you were talking about me! Well, RL is very real, and we get that. Come check out RCJT - Right Click Jump To

You’d have to relocate from Black Rise, but consider that a blessing!

In-game Pub: Right Click Jump Pub

Who We Are: [RCJT] Fc, what do? - Right Click Jump To!

How We Do: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98508261/

if you are still looking and as terrible as you claim, come speak with us in F-OFF.


Website F-OFF.NET
In game chat “F-OFF NOW”

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