Exploration dream c4 wormhole! *Wormhole Adventures*

Greetings Eve Pilots!
Wormhole Adventures is proudly to announce that we are accepting application for exploration pilots that would like to join a c4 wormhole with a c2/c3 static! This opportunity to join Wormhole Adventures comes with the ability to harvest some great gas, do some great combat sites, and to find some of those rich Relic sites within our connections!

Requirements for pilots to join this opportunity are:
Must have knowledge or the will to learn about Tripwire a wormhole mapping tool.
Be interested in joining a fun group of pilots that plays and has fun like a family.
And simply wants to have the option to do the variety of events this C4 has to offer.
Any time zone is ok we have players within all times that like to enjoy Eve
Alpha pilots welcome to come join on the gas (exploring without a cloak is not recommended)

Apply to Wormhole Adventures in game, join our public channel Worm Pub

Contact me Weezdiggity in game for any other info you may want to know!

Hope to hear from pilots wanting to have some excitement in their Eve careers!


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