Bored in Null Sec? Join Worm Holers Anonymous - C5 Wormhole Corp Recruiting

Bored with the status quo? Bored with 100+ pilot blobs? Bored with endless jumps of blue space to look for content? Wormholes are the answer for you!

We bring a lot of wormhole experience and have our sights set high! We are currently living in a C5 with a C3 static. Null Sec and Low Sec connections and content are just a few jumps away. Ratting, exploration, PI and gas huffing bring in a great income to support PvP.


Hop in our pub channel Anoikis Conspiracy or contact Baggy Estemaire and Zlim Wicked

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Come join the fun! We are PvP oriented but welcome all play styles. There are no paps, we are laid back and want to have fun!

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