*Wormhole Adventures*-Casual Corp-Gas-Relic sites!

Are you sick of being in a corporation that harps on you for not making online for the scheduled events? Do you want to just simply play Eve casually along during your free time without having to feel like being a burden and letting your corporation family down? Well here is your chance to become an Eve casual pilot playing on your own time without anyone bringing you down and just enjoying the time you have to play Eve!

What is Wormhole Adventures about:

Wormhole Adventures has been formed for the casual Eve player that has a real life to manage. Why not enjoy the game and not be pressured or obligated to play Eve for once!

With Wormhole Adventures Eve pilots will have the opportunity to truly enjoy the game for once without having to worry about the pressure of having to make it online for corporation events that get scheduled. With Wormhole Adventures the events are an on going event no matter the time of day you choose to login a pilot can just enjoy the game and their time making some great Isk.

Wormhole Adventures has a C2 wormhole and a C4 Wormhole setup ready to go for pilots wanting to be a casual Ever player

For the C2 wormhole;

This is called the playground, where pilots can enjoy the relic/data sites that spawn along with the combat sites and the brave souls who come into the wormhole contesting our sites. The C2 has a C1 and a High sec connection which means it will always have a high sec out of the wormhole and always be connected to a C1 wormhole. Relic/
Data sites will spawn in the C2 and C1 connection. Combat sites are very doable solo in the c2 and the c1 connection as well.

For the C4 Wormhole;

This is called the gas fields, where pilots have a great opportunity to harvest gas. Gas is a very valuable mineral within eve that trumps any ore found in Eve Isk wise. The c4 has a refinery for pilots who would like to create gas reactions with their gas or pilots can simply just sell the raw gas with a corporation buyback program. Wormhole Adventures will provide the gas harvesting ships so all the pilot would have to do is pod into the c4 to get started. The c4 is quite buried within wormhole space having a c4 and a c5 static connection for harvesting gas. A buy back opportunity is available so the pilot will never have to even leave the c4 wormhole to make their Isk off the gas they harvest. The c4 wormhole can be quite hectic to get out of, which is why this buyback is a great option. Gas harvesting is a pretty unique operation in which the gas sites need to be ratted from the sleepers that spawn within 10-15minutes.

I’m sure you wonder how is this probable to be a casual Eve Corporation

Wormhole Adventures is a casual corporation for we use Tripwire which is a wormhole mapping tool that shares information along with bookmarks so Eve pilots can see an actual map of where their adventures can take them that is shared within the corporation, but is mostly used for the c4 wormhole. The c4 wormhole chain can get very large with multiple wormholes within it’s radius so having Tripwire to see the actual map along with corporation bookmarks pilots can see where the gas is to harvest. With enough pilots using tripwire and bookmarking there can be quite a large amount of gas a pilot can harvest. With tripwire in effect no matter the time of day a pilot can log on to start their adventure and look at what is available.

Wormhole Adventures is looking for at least a solid 10 pilots who would be interested in a great opportunity to casually make some Isk within their busy real life schedule. The point of Wormhole Adventures is to have fun, make some Isk, and simply have options within your Eve experience.

I look forward to hearing for those who may be interested in this opportunity to make a casual Eve family experiencing the game on your time and having some real fun making some Isk!


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I’m really interested in joining your Corp for I am a busy guy in real life and only play EVE to spend my time exploring sites and sometimes gas mining if I need some ISK. A lot of corps I’ve joined usually went offline when I’m online because of time differences.

I’ll send you an in game mail :slight_smile:

We have t1 gas harvesting ships in the c4 ready to roll all people will have to do is pod in and get to gas harvesting! If new to wormholes I’m willing to train pilots to make some great Isk!

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