★ Starseekers is recruiting, your WH adventure begins now - C4[C3/C5] - INDY/EXPLORATION/MINING/C3-C5 PVE/PVP FLEETS/ETC

Greetings pilots,

Starseekers [SSEEK], member of Wormhole Society [WHSOC], is a small corporation (10-15 active pilots) looking to recruit misfits, renegades, lone wolfs, rookies and veterans alike, active pilots that already know and love wormhole space or just want to start a new adventure in EVE.

Are you fairly initiated in game mechanics, are you not afraid of expanding your playstyle to extremes, living in constant danger but in the same time to have the opportunity to be that danger to someone else? Do you want to learn how to master the unknowns and riches of the wormholes? How to make yourself safe and explore the numerous opportunities that this space has to offer?

Leave your past behind and enroll in to Starseekers, your wormhole adventures await you!

What we offer:

  • A place to call Home [C4 - C3/C5]
  • 0% corporation tax. Buy back program at 95% Jita Buy price.
  • Help and support to develop your space business, hobby or adventures.
  • Many PVP opportunities, fleets and ops, fits and help to become better together with VI.TA a PVP focused corporation of the alliance.
  • PVE fleets in C3 and C5 sites.
  • Corporation owned industrial structures (manufacturing, reactions, refining, inventions, etc.) with rig support.
  • Open chains to explore at your heart’s content.
  • Moon mining fields and non stop possibility to huff gas.
  • A relaxed, friendly and mature environment.
  • SeAT, Tripwire, Discord and other tools to make your life easier.

What we are looking for:

  • Active, Friendly and Mature pilots.
  • Ability to be on coms when you play with a working microphone.

Recruitment Process:

  • Join our Corporation Recruitment Discord or ingame channel “Starseekers”
  • SeAT registration is required, many services are provided through it including access to our main discord. (this represents an old full API check)
  • A chat in coms where any issues can be clarified from both parties.
  • Upon joining us, you will receive a compressive mail will guides on how to set up and assistance at any time.

NOTE: Patience might be required as at this moment i am the only full time recruiter of the corporation.

If you are interested in a PVP only oriented life check out our PVP brothers in Violence is the Answer

Thank you,
Good day and hope to see you in space!



In ★ Starseekers you get the opportunity to play casual without time restriction or go all the way and take on the hardest and most challenging content EVE has to offer. New players can grow and learn how to properly survive in a wormhole while having the protection and guidance of awesome skilled pilots from our alliance. Experience pilots can dwell in to awesome PVP content either from our offensive ops or defensive nature of living in a WH.
Join “Starseekers” chat channel in game for more info!

We live in a C2 Wormhole, that has a static HS and a static C3 that we use for pve content. Prefered PVE content varies from pilot to pilot but we have all sorts of options, from clearing combat sites in fleets, to huffing gas, mining ops with nice boosts, industry citadels for any kind of job, great pi and awesome sites to explore looking for relic and data sites. For more information just join our in game chat “Starseekers”!
The WH adventure is waiting for you.

A day in the life of a Starseeker.
As our great Pulsar rises above our citadel, the sleeping clone of a capsuleer is reconnected.
Moments after all the interfaces are loaded, a new clone is activated, leaving behind in stasis the one with expensive training implants, taking advantage of wormhole unlimited and isk free clone switching.
Time to check on the colonies, the planets here are rich and need a daily interaction to restart the extraction processes and move to safety the resources they produced. Meanwhile the pilot checks the tripwire map that other explorers from the alliance compiled. Jumps on coms, greeting everyone connected, checking the pulse of the wormhole.
Everyone is friendly as usual and the reports are of clear space, no hostiles, that means it’s time to jump in the exploration ship, update the chain, look for some treasure, scout for some content.
Praise Bob, the wormholes are rich, in less than an hour the ship is full of treasures from a bunch of relic site and a couple of data sites.
On the way back home a new signature is found, its a gas cloud, one of the rarest ones, one of the most valuable ones, so a duo of ventures form up and head that way.
Only a few minutes in and an enemy tengu is spotted on dscan, evasive maneuvers are employed while the backup is formed. The space is quiet, tension builds as a few minutes pass and there is no sign of the enemy, the defence fleet is waiting close, the two ventures pretend that all is well but they are on high alert, aligned to safe spots and keeping close eyes on all the scanners.
A moment later the tengu decloaks, he wants to deliver some torpedos, everyone thinks that’s weird but before it launches any, the ventures warp out, the defence fleet warps in, bubbles are up, tengu is forced to fight a real enemy.
Space is lit by explosions, the tengu goes down, spoils of the battle are taken home, the ventures return to finish the gas cloud. Once the ship hangars are full, the gas is taken home to be used for reactions, low taxes and great boosts make this a profitable activity.
A few more fights breaks out throughout the evening, a rogue proteus looking for a fight, a roaming fleet looking for trouble, our pilot helps out the alliance to push them back.
The home wormhole is teeming with activity, some pilots mining the new ore deposit, some prepare to bash some sleeper sites in our static wormhole, some are just chilling on coms whyle building all kinds of ships and modules in the citatels. But It’s time to activate the training clone, another day has passed, a day in the life of a Starseeker. ★

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As our numbers grow I am happy to report our wormhole is teeming with life around the clock.
We’re still expecting new pilots to join us! Come to “Starseekers” channel in game, say hi, we’re happy to cover all your questions.
The wormhole adventure is waiting for you.

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Is it possible that you got bored of doing same thing every day? Does monotony drives you away from having a good time in the game? Move in to a more dynamic environment, WH space has so many types of content even the most experienced vets can find challenges and new fun things to do. From diverse forms of PVP as solo, small gangs or big fleets for big ops, to almost any kind of PVE there is in eve, the WH space has it.
The dynamics of our content makes each day a different adventure, each wormhole you jump a new story.
Get in touch with us trough our ingame channel “Starseekers”!

We decided to open our potential recruits to a new channel of communications and to new opportunities for them.
Join our alliance discord, during the most active time of the day for you, ask for a Starseekers Recruitment Officer, or just talk with our alliance friends from other corporations that have more players from the US timezone.

Your WH adventure is here! Join Starseekers,

Hello @Moavi_LeMar,

I wanted to chime in and say that this primarily EU corporation is a true asset to what we stand for in WHSOC. I am so pleased and you will be too if you join this group. They have a little of everything in their daily content.

Thank you again for your leadership service to your corporation and partnership with the alliance,


P.S. People this group of individuals are savage :dragon:'s of scanning down chains. So if you are naturally an explorer at heart or think you might like this activity in space… StarSeekers are your DESTO!

Hello, returning to the game , looking to do some moon mining, gas,pvp,and sites in wh. Is it possible to do this in this corp.

I see that the Moon mining coming at 13 feb.

@lordjanuss Greetings, sure thing, just get in contact with us and we can answer all your questions :slight_smile:

★ Starseekers Corporation is still recruiting.
Get in touch with us for any questions you may have.

in-game channel “Starseekers”
Alliance Discord: https://discord.gg/YhpYdKk
In game chat any of our recruiters.

:star: Join Starseekers and start your Worm Home adventure!

The best adventures are found roaming a random chain, with nothing but the unknown on your next jump, would it be the treasure you are looking for?
Join “Starseekers” channel in game!

The fastest way to get in touch with us is to join our Alliance Discord and ask for Starseekers.

The recruitment process while is very thorough its also very quick.
Your adventures awaits you. Join Starseekers.

The corporation is growing stronger and stronger and we are still welcoming new pilots to join our fleets. New or old, rookie or experienced veteran, everyone can find his place here.
Start your Worm Hole adventure with us. Join our recruitment channels and have a chat with us.

Have a blast with us on our roaming fleets, chill huffing some gas clouds in a secure C3 or mining some ore from the moon belts, dive down the chain to look for some relic sites to pay the bills, join a fleet to get some sleepers killed, defend your friends and home from intruders, intrude in someone else’s home, build your industry empire using best industry citadels and boosts, create an intricate network for PI to take advantage of the richness of our planets, thinker with fits and ideas, grow your EVE experience, build your own adventures, join Starseekers today!

Starseekers Corporation is still recruiting.
Its a pleasure to report that we have added a few fun events for our pilots, as well as a weekly meeting and newsletter.
Join our in game channel “Starseekers” or our discord ( https://discord.gg/YhpYdKk ) for any questions.

Fly safe and great adventures to everyone!

We are still recruiting, join us tonight on our discord or in game channel “Starseekers”!

If you are looking to grow as an EVE pilot, our corporation is a great platform for all kinds of activities in wormholes space. Our great alliance welcomes any kind of pilots that want to have fun and expand their horizons.

Here the only limit for your adventures is your own imagination!