I am looking for a UK WH pve corp to take me in

As the title really. I am UK TZ and never been in a WH so will need some training up.

I am a basic Rorq pilot, but know I will flourish in the right hole.

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Hey Reggie,

I’m an old school player from back in 2008, and have just recently returned after being gone for several years. I brought all my trusted lieutenants back to EvE with me from other games I played. We are a small tight family looking to grow our numbers, and take our corp into a WH for exploration, and making some ISK. Currently were looking to grow at about 1 new player a week so we keep it tight.

If this interests you please message me in game or on discord.
Discord: https://discord.gg/888bzf
Discord ID: Bronx#9165

Still looking, please feel free to mail me in game.

in game sent

Hi there,

If you’re still looking then you may be interested in Bootstrap Mining. We are a primarily industrial corp operating in both nullsec and our wspace home.

We are international and Real Life friendly with active members online around the clock (I’m also UK based). The RL friendly aspect means that we have a number of members who play outside their normal timezone as well

Some more information on the corp can be found on our main recruitment thread here:

Feel free to apply at http://eve-hr.com/bootstrapmining or get in touch via Bootstrap Pub in game

Thanks for the replies, but my preference is for a corp that resides within a WH.

Greetings Reggie,

Check us out, the entire alliance lives in a C4 (C3/C5), Starseekers is primary PVE:

VITA is the PVP corporation of the alliance:

Hope to see you around,
Good luck in your adventures.

Hi Reggie, check our corp, chat with the recruiters and see if we fit your needs. Hope to see you soon.

Corra o/

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