Some Advice Please On Which Way To Go

I gave EVE a try this time last year and fell in Love but I let my teenager talk me into going back to another game and stopped playing .

I’m definitely returning but my playtime with RL will not be hours a day it will be more like a couple nights a week.

With that said I want to find a path that I can log in earn something isk and feel like I’m still getting something accomplished with the limited play .

I’m genuinely open to just about everything in game . But I will say that community is what I’d love to have , while feeling like I’m contributing to something bigger as well and as I skill up I’d love to have a group to pvp with at some point also.

Ideally I want to have an ISK earner for weeks I am limited but also the option when the time is there to run with a group and get some pvp done.

If this is your play style with time what do you do in game. I want to Omega my account and start skill planning I just got figure out what to plan lol.

Thanks All !!!

My 2 bits…Do not try to be a jack-of-all with a character. finetune that one to a specific primary role and possibly a secondary role. ie. A station trader hauler or a PvP and PvE toon.

Really do your research into what you REALLY want to do in EVE…saying you are “open to anything” is actually not a good approach IMO as you could waste a lot of time/money/ISK.

Watch a lot of vids and ask questions here before really committing to a path. Don’t just rush it…part of the fun is the planning and research.


Absolutely I’m enjoying the research and I do plan to focus characters on certain paths . I’m just trying to find the path that would fit my playtime.


As playtime is your main issue, I’d suggest start with exploration and build a character to LvL 4/5. Start in HS, then LS…try some easy WHs and then NS. The ISK isn’t bad at all and it’s pretty exciting.

If you get that toon to a comfortable place then start adding on some frigate combat skills and try PvE(HS) or FW.

All of this should keep you busy enough for months…

Thanks !!! That’s sounds appealing

Sounds like the best thing for your criterias is to be a wormhole data/relic explorer.

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I’ve not done much exploration myself so I won’t comment on that.

What I do firmly believe is that Eve sucks when you try to play it solo.

Find a corp, make some friends. What you do to make ISK doesn’t have to have anything to do with the corp, but it helps. I was once in a low sec pirate corp on my main while doing industry and market PvP on an alt to make ISK.

Later I was in a small WH corp that lived in a C3 and we did all our ISK making and PvP in the holes.

There are LOTS for corporations out there that are happy to have people that can only play a few days a week, usually they just expect you to PARTICIPATE when you are on.

If you decide to go down the exploration route you may want to look into Wormhole corps. A lot of the same skills are needed for both. Wormholes are not like the rest of Eve though, so it may not be a good fit.

Do what feels right, but do it with PEOPLE.

You are so right . I’m trying right now to find the right fit with an active group in the US time zone !
I do not want to be solo at all

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Yeah. But finding a “good” corps can be daunting thanks to the spies, awoxers, thieves, and plain jackasses (looking in the mirror…hmmmm).

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