Brand New Player - Stuck after getting to Tutorial Agents

Hi there! Been wanting to get into Eve Online for a while and with free Alpha, thought I would give it a shot. Excited and overwhelmed joining. LOL

Went through the regular training, got stuck here and there but newbie chat helped and got through it. They gave me a mining rig, blue prints for my old ship and sent me on my way. Finally made it to the Tutorial Agents. I heard it was good to start off with military so I went off to my first mission.

Well I realized my mining rig was nekid without anything because in my first Military training, I was getting shot at and was trying to figure out where my weapon icons were. Spent an hour trying to find out how to get back to my home base (haha) and assessed my inventory. Had some mining gear, a box of ammo, scrap metal, some rescued survivors and a scientist still hanging around, but no weapons.

I loaded the mining gear into the high slot but think those are for weapons…wasnt sure best way to see what fits in what slots before buying. I did go to market and tried to buy some weapons…couldnt find items via search. Thought maybe I needed to build my old ship with the blueprints but didnt have enough isk to buy the needed materials. Was wondering if it was a waste to do the military missions in a mining rig. Do I go back to my first little ship?

Lots of questions so thought I would pop in here. At least document some of my experience and see what suggestions I could get from here.

I really just always wanted to see what Eve Online was all about. I probably only have a few hours a week to play so happy to hear what anyone has to say, positive or negative. I was fine with doing missions to learn things on my own but stuck again. I want to get over the hump so I can get more in depth. Please help!

Thank you.

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Welcome! It certainly can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but stick with it, it will get clearer shortly, like anything.

High slots are for both weapons and mining lasers.

edit: You are Gallente alpha clone, so until December when the game devs make it where alphas can fly any race’s ships, you will be flying only Gallente ships. Gallente are into drones and hybrid weapons. I think doing the career missions gets you some ships and isk.

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Ok, so, the basics:

Ships have slots: high, medium, low, and (some have) drone bay.

The high slots are typically for weapons, or mining lasers, or tractor beams, cloaking devices, etc.
The medium slots are typically for shield modules, afterburner / propulsion modules, and various electronic warfare jamming devices.
The low slots are for armor modules, reactor controls and auxiliary power, co-processors, cargo expanders, or weapon stabilizers for extra dps.

The high slots are further divided into Turret slots (for guns) and Launcher slots (for missiles), forcing you to use the weapons that the ship is designed to work with.

Ships also have a power grid and a CPU stat, that will limit the size of the guns and armor and shields that you can put into the ship. Frigates and destroyers typically use “small” weapons and modules, cruisers and battlecruisers typically use “medium” stuff, and battleships use “large” stuff.

Now, if you want to do the Military missions, you need a combat ship, with weapons and defenses. You have two options:

  1. Use the starter corvette, because it’s free. To get one, when you’re in station, right click your mining ship and “leave ship”, this will save the mining ship to that station, and eject your pod, so you can fly around in the pod. Undock from the station in your pod and fly to another station in a nearby solar system; the moment you dock they’ll feel sorry for you that you’re in a pod, and give you a free corvette ship, with one gatling rail weapon and one civilian mining laser. Right-click this ship and make it active, so your pod enters it, then from the left toolbar click your Assets app, and find where your mining ship is, in the list of assets. Right-click that station and “set destination”, which will plot a course with the autopilot. Then undock in your corvette, and fly over and dock at the station where your mining ship is.

  2. Buy a combat frigate; these typically cost 400-600k ISK. Open the market and use the lists on the left side to find Ships, Frigates, Gallente, then look through; the Incursus frigate uses guns, and the Tristan frigate uses drones. Sort the market interface by price, and then in the top half (sellers) try to find a decent price that’s near you (the number of jumps from where you are is listed in the first column on the left). After you buy it, you will need to exit your mining ship and fly the pod to where your combat ship is, to go get it.

But this just gives you the ship, now you need to fit it with weapons and defenses. Here’s a tutorial for fitting ships in general.

For your combat ship, you want some weapons, some defenses, and an afterburner for speed.

For weapons, Gallente ships use “hybrid” weapons, these are weapons that shoot ammo, but use energy instead of gunpowder to propel the ammo. Hybrid weapons (like all weapons) come in two varieties: long range (rail guns), and short range (blasters), and the ammo is called “hybrid charges”. For frigate sized hybrid weapons, you have the following options:

75mm (civilian) Gatling - this weapon is given during the tutorial and it’s very weak, but doesn’t use ammo.

Light Electron Blaster
Light Ion Blaster
Light Neutron Blaster - short range weapons (less than 1km), best used with Antimatter Charge S ammo, or if that’s too expensive, Plutonium Charge S, or Uranium Charge S.

125mm Railgun I
150mm Railgun I - long range weapons (10-20km), best used with the longer range ammo (Lead Charge S, Tungsten Charge S, Iron Charge S)

I’d say try buying 2 or 3 Light Ion Blasters with 3000 rounds of Plutonium or Uranium, for fitting in your Corvette or Incursus in the high slots.

After the weapons, you need to worry about speed - speed is defense for frigates, so find a 1mn Afterburner and buy it to install in a medium slot. This afterburner will let you get close to use your blasters, or maintain distance if you decide to go with long range rail guns.

After the speed, you need to worry about defenses. Gallente ships are usually fitted with armor defenses, and for frigates, not much is needed: Small Armor Repairer, and maybe a Damage Control.

These are the basics, and now you have some free slots. The Military missions will give you some webifiers and jammers to use in the medium slots in certain missions, and otherwise if you just need to shoot the enemy, you can put a Cap Recharger in the medium slots to give you more juice so you can keep that armor repairer going for the longer fights. And for the low slots, a Magnetic Field Stabilizer will improve the damage that your blasters or rail guns do.

Now, you have two extra tools to help you set up your ships:

  1. The Fittings screen has a button on the left side for “Ghost Fitting”, which means you can play pretend and see what you can fit on a ship without having to buy anything. Play with that, get a good fitting going for whatever ship you want to use, then save that fitting or write it down and buy those exact guns / modules from the market.

  2. The market is also an encyclopedia of all the items in the game; you don’t have to buy things, you can just find stuff on the market and right-click it and “show info”, to see what it does, what skills are required, and what “variations” it has. There are different sources of gear; some gear and weapons are made by players, others are drops from NPC pirates. All of the equivalents of a gun, for example, are listed in its “variations” tab, and you can right-click each variation and “find on the market”, to see what it costs. Often you’ll find better damage, pirate drop guns, for cheaper than basic player-manufactured versions.


Thank you for the quick replies! That’s a wealth of information there Memphis. I appreciate it all.

I will see how it goes getting a new corvette and see if I can get a few things to outfit it with and go through the training.

Just an edit to let you know your guidelines for fitting my ship worked well. I realized I did have a corvette in my inventory as well.

It got me through the first task (once I figured out I had to click the button at the bottom of the task to complete it). Thanks again!

Don’t start with the military agents, try to earn some money via the business and industrial agents first. After that you’ll have more ships and an idea of how to interact on the market. And some million ISK. Then you can buy an Atron or wait for the 3rd security mission where you get one for free. You Velator (Corvette) or a battle fitted Venture (Miner) can easily complete the first security missions, but you definitely need weapons :slight_smile:

It’s quite normal to read forums and watch youtube tutorials before getting satisfactioning results, that filled my first weeks in EvE. And btw googling helps a lot, even for EvE.

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You should do all the career arc missions, because they give you free frigate ships and some skills, and good ISK rewards. You can even repeat them, because there are 12 “career” stations, and you can just go to another one and pick up the missions again.

The Military one will give you some combat frigates that you can certainly use.

Also, pay attention to the geography in the missions. I believe the 2nd mission and the 9th mission will ask you to kill pirates in locations that are full of higher-grade (kernite) ore, and because the mission doesn’t have a time limit, you can kill the pirates then return in your mining frigate and make several million by mining the kernite asteroids, before you report to the agent that you’re done / completed.

The other careers will also have hidden opportunities to make extra money like this.


Memphis Baas has given you some good info.

One thing to be careful about when looking at info about Eve on Youtube or various blogs is that the game changes over time. The game developers add new features and change details of the game regularly, so old information can be out of date. When you see info about the game, check the date of that info, it could be old and not up to date.

To summarise, every ship has three layers of defence, shields (a wall of energy around your ship that absorbs incoming damage), armour (heavy plating on the ship) and hull (the basic frame of the ship), a capacitor that is your main source of power for your ship, a powergrid that sends the power to the ship’s modules and CPU that provides the computer processing for the modules.

The ship itself has “slots” where you add the modules to the ship. High slots are mostly for weapons as well as mining lasers and salvaging modules (you can recover useful items from the wrecks of ships you destroy). Mid slots are mostly for improved shield modules, improved sensor modules and improved propulsion modules, and low slots for improved armour modules and modules that improve the performance of weapons and mining modules. Each module can only be fitted to one type of slot, so you cannot put a weapon in a mid slot or an amour module in a high slots, etc.

A general tip for fitting modules to a ship is to pick either your shield or your armour as your main layer of defence. Don’t fit both shield and armour modules on the same ship, pick your shield or your armour as your main defence and fit modules for that layer. Caldari ships are better suited for shields as their main defence, Gallente and Amarr ships are better suited for armour as their main defence. Minmatar are a bit more mixed, some are better for shield defence, some are better for armour defence. It is possible to go against the grain such as fitting a Gallente ship with shield modules as the main defence but you do need to have good skills and know what you are doing to make that work. Choosing the hull as your main layer of defence is not a good idea, there are only a couple of modules for hull defence compared to a much larger range of modules for shield or armour defence.

Each module needs a certain amount of powergrid and CPU to make it work properly. The more powerful the module is, the more powergrid and CPU it needs, which limits which modules you can fit to a particular ship. There are specialised modules that can improve the capacitor, the powergrid and the CPU of a ship, but every one of those modules takes up a slot that could be used for another module, so fitting/equipping a ship is a balancing act.

The game itself has a “ship tree” (there is an icon for it on the left side of the game screen) which you can use to look at various ships in the game. From the ship tree you can right click on a specific ship and ‘simulate’ fitting various modules to a ship, best done when docked in a station. There are several 3rd party apps that do the same thing without needing to be logged into the game, EFT (Eve Fitting Tool) and Pyfa are the two main apps for this.

Career Agents. There are four main empires in the game, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. Each empire has three beginner/rookie solar systems with career agents. As an Alpha character you can repeat the career agent missions three times, once in each beginner/rookie system for the empire you started the game with, meaning you can get three sets of beginner level ships and modules, as well as the other rewards for completing those missions. if you were an Omega, you could repeat the career agent missions in every main empire, 12 sets of ships and mission rewards instead of three sets.

There is a change coming this winter that will allow Alpha characters to use ships from any of the main empires, up to battleships, but the game developers have not released all the details of that change yet, so right now we can’t say for certain what all the new limits for Alpha characters will be.

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