Please remove civilian modules

Please remove or rework civilian modules from carrier agents
Most importantly - data and relic analyzers

Newbies usually don’t understand why they are not working in real data/relic sites


Maybe just rename them as educational/training use only rather than civilian. They serve a useful purpose in the career missions - I wouldn’t want CCP handing out real T1 modules in competition with player production.

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They already give real ships and guns but give civilian analyzers

From 2 evils:

  1. small number of NPC created modules
  2. Newbies leaving because of not working modules

I prefer 1st

Other solution - just make them work

Players should read the module descriptions and training scenario - it is very clear that those modules are only meant for use in the career agent missions.

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Teaching people to read? What kinda game is this?

put a warning everytime they try to fit it on saying"this is only a civilian module and should be for educational purposes only"

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No more red dots pls!

More pop up windows
Please no
People don’t read them too

IMO deleting module or making it functional (but worse than T1) is a better solution

I don’t have a problem with people learning things the hard way due to not reading. Whether that’s a civ module, or jumping into a LS gatecamp etc.

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I agree

If that wasn’t about NPE :smile:

Better to learn to read early, by finding out their civ module doesn’t work, than later when they don’t bother to read that this is an invasion/low securtity/null security/wormhole popup.

It isn’t about New Player Experience - as if they actually engaged in the NPE (career agent missions) this was already explained to them. If they skipped reading the missions, it’s not CCP’s fault, and is entirely on the player for being confused afterward.


Actually module info is misleading (as for me)

As this is a Civilian module, it will only work on the most basic system locks and should not be used in professional circumstances.

Nobody says that I cannot use it. Only that it’s not powerfull

should not be used in professional circumstances is pretty straightforward.

should be
cannot be used in professional circimstances
at least

You are correct that the civilian modules are stupid. You are getting trolled pretty hard for pointing it out.

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