"Fix the stupid" NPE Exploration Agent Stuff

  1. Exploration Frigate

A really simple fix for the exploration career is giving players the actual exploration frigates.

For example the Caldari give you a Bantam which is a logistics frigate instead of the Heron which is the exploration frigate. I’m not as well versed in other race career agent missions but am willing to assume they also aren’t given their exploration frigates from the exploration agent.

  1. Mention wormholes properly

Wormholes are not properly given any attention during the exploration agent mission line and more often than not we’ll see new players get themselves stuck in wormholes and killed by NPCs or other players. Having wormholes get a proper mention in the mission line needs to happen, probably along with mentions of bookmarks and another mention of recovering your probes (only gets one mention in the course of the mission lines) as those are specifically what gets new players stuck.

I’d probably try to implement this by creating a new mission which has players scan down a static wormhole to a new wormhole system that only connects back to their race’s career agent system (meaning there’d be one for each race).

New players would scan it, be told to bookmark it and recover their probes in a pop-up, then enter it, be told to bookmark it again, warp to a mission warp with a can containing proof of discovery, collect the proof, and then warp back to the bookmarked wormhole and return to the agent. It would be no more difficult than the already existing missions and would teach new players bookmarks while vastly improving their independence when it comes to exploration. We’d probably see new player exploration deaths drop a ton as a result.


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