Wormhole QoL

Hey, I’m sure these are all well known, but you gotta keep asking to get something eventually. Here is a list of “”“small”"" changes that would help wormhole life.

  • More bookmarks in shared bookmark folders (500 is not enough). Can we do 1000!?
  • More than 3 onlined bookmark folders. Can we do 5!?
  • Better wormhole ‘show info’ UI. Color coded words/icons for life status, rolling status, ship sizes. But please don’t make more hole types “known”, its nice to visually identify them.
  • Share scanned signatures to fleet. Your fleet can warp to your scanned sigs and see what’s been scanned! Or, alternatively, your fleet can see sigs other members have scanned (with some icon or doodad).

I think that’s it for now, take care o7

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Yes please!

please no…

The changes to bookmarks were really the only change CCP has made to them that was a QOL that didn’t take away from living in a WH.

It is supposed to be hard and require heavy communication and co-ordination. Tedium isn’t always a negative.

  1. Goes living in a hole
  2. Complains about Quality of life


Sorry I don’t equate “click fest” and “difficult”.

If that were the case PI would be super hard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Pretty sure the word i used was tedium not difficult

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