EVE Change - return wormhole signature distance so we know which signature we are sitting on top of please

When you jump through a wormhole and first appear on the other side you see all the signatures as un-scanned, even the signature for the wormhole you are now sitting right next to.

Can we have a change so that un-scanned signatures we are literally floating right next to show as < 1AU? Many times it can show as 5+ AU away like many other signatures. You would think our ships are advanced enough to have a tiny bit more accuracy for an unknown signature we are sitting right on top of - even if it isn’t scanned down 100%.

Why make this change? Simple QOL improvement - why waste our time scanning down a signature we are sitting on top of and can already bookmark its location? It is a complete waste of time. It doesn’t need to show the signature as scanned down or anything - just show it as 1AU away or less.

As a bonus this would make it so 3rd party apps like my Tripwire can tell which signature is the return wormhole signature as well.

Note that SOMETIMES you can tell which is the return signature but at its best it is still just a guess.

  • Yes - Please do this CCP!
  • No - it is not something I need at all

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Or you could, I don’t know, put out a single probe at .25au on your position and mark down the signature as the wormhole? If only there was a way you could do that.

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I voted no because I wanted to


Yep, that works exactly how it should work. But why? Why do that at all?

The point of this is to bring a simple QOL improvement to EVE. Why make players spend even 10 seconds performing a repetitive task that has no game play point and is just a tedious task.


Honestly, this isn’t a bad idea. It’s the type of trend these kinds of changes follow that lead to a very different game then what Eve currently is (and what it USED to be).

If changes like this happen, more “QoL” changes happen, and eventually the game has turned into a watered down, dumbed to nothing, lowest denominator game that has had every little hardship or inconvenience removed for “QoL”. It’s a slippery slope that can take Eve from the defining game that really makes you feel like space is dangerous if you don’t know what to do, or you make one little mistake, to something like WoW in space.

There are changes that can and should be made ingame, the way probing was revamped from the old “bookmark hell” to it’s current state is a perfect example of a positive change. The changes to drugs/boosters no longer being illegal was a change I feel was a detriment to the game, it removed a niche playstyle. You had to work to find a literal drug dealer and the logistics behind acquiring them was fun.

So when changes are made to make the game easier, imo, it hurts the game far more then it helps. This game has strived because it’s unforgiving, it’s population has decreased due to it becoming a little easier if anything.

If you want to change one little aspect here or there because it caused you a loss, THAT’S what makes Eve, don’t change it.


The thing about QoL changes is that they should not drastically change the game. The best QoL change that happened recently is storing the scanning progress until the client is closed, instead of wiping it every session change.

QoL should fix things that are inconvenient for no good reason. I don’t think the game is complex and deep if things are a pain in the neck just because

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I think the probe list retaining information is a positive change. That’s not a QoL change to me, that was a UI fix. It makes perfect sense that our scanning log would retain information. Were in spaceships, our sensor’s should be advanced enough to retain information.

With regard to the wormhole though, WH space is supposed to be hard and unforgiving, moreso then null or lowsec. Bookmark the wormhole, fly to a safe, pop out a single probe and scan your wh bm first if you’re there to probe out all the other sigs in system. If you’re not there to probe out the systems sigs, then it shouldn’t be a concern. WH scanning should be harder then it is imo. You can easily knock out the majority of the sigs, or at least see what type they are by placing 4au-8au proce sets around each planet to get a sense of what types of sigs are there.

When people go into a WH system, whats the first thing you have to do everytime? BM the WH. That’s about the same level of effort as popping out a single probe to scan the BM to eliminate that sig if you’re checking out the systems spawns.

Should CCP automatically BM the WH for everyone everytime they enter? I know plenty of people have forgotten to BM and warped off. Even I’ve done it. CCP putting in “safetys” to keep people from making mistakes or make common sense tasks to protect yourself in the HARSHNESSS of space is a sure way to ruin the game.

I wish CCP made changes that made the game more difficult, that’s just my point of view about “QoL” stuff. It just screams “please hold my hand”.


there is nothing broken with said mechanic that I can see. Although I feel that being the sigs are shown in the first place before you even scan them… is pretty cheesy. I mean, they basically are in the general vicinity. I love that the overlay shows us every sig now but I just cant help reminisce on the days before that change and we had to use our d scan and probes scanner to see whats out there


Yeah, they dumbed it down by putting the sigs in the general vicinity on the overlay map. It’s those types of things that are creeping the game towards no challenge.

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For the sake of clarity, are you envisioning that the signature would be identified or just that the distance to the unknown signature would be known? Honestly, I could get behind either though I imagine the simplest solution would be to know the true distance to the signature if youre ongrid with it.

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