Don't show signatues

(Nanyana Diya) #1

I have been a scanner since I started out in 2013. I still do it on a regular basis. Not because I earn the most per hour with it, but because I enjoy exploring stuff. When I played this game for 2 weeks I was allready in WH’s scanning stuff down, feeling excited what would lie in the next system. Later on I started daytripping NS. Now I live in NS and exploring still. Still excited what will be in the next system. What will I find? I never know.
Now I can see what systems have combat sigs and how many sigs there are per system. I feel that is a bad move. It takes away from the exploring side of scanning. The excitement of coming into a system with 5 signatures. Then finding out there are 4 relic sites… 4…
Also it takes away from the disappointment the next system has 3 cambat sigs in it. Without downs you cannot have ups.

Please CCP, fix this ASAP. Scanning in my opinion is about never knowing what lies ahead of you. Like a present waiting for you to be opened.

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #2

Well, as I understand it, the Agency window does not tell you what types of signatures are there, only that there are signatures. So one workaround I can suggest would be to uncheck the ‘open the agency at login’ and then you will be none the wiser until you undock.

Having said that it currently doesn’t appear to be working at all for me (in a WH), it just sits there spinning the ‘loading’ circle, and never progresses any further, even have ‘current system’ selected.


(Aiden Vayle) #3

The Agency window actually doesn’t show any exploration info in Wormhole Space, from what I’ve seen, so as to leave you up to your own devices and maintain the minimal-information-given environment of the Holes. As an aside, OP, buddy, dude- Why are you DISAPPOINTED about finding Relic sites?

Oh, and a second aside: Maybe my Agency window was just having issues, but it didn’t appear to be working properly when I was online yesterday. It would say “1 signature” for every system in range, even though an adjacent system actually had three.

(Cypr3ss Deteis) #4

It did, at least straight after DT yesterday when the new agency first launched it was, but I wasn’t on for long… maybe they patched it out? Prior to the new agency I was definitely getting notifications of new sigs in system via agency notification (blinking, while docked up). But as you say not having it helps keep the ‘unknown’ of J-Space unknown, will keep an eye on it over the next few days and see if it comes back or remains hidden. :slight_smile:


(Nysta Miityew) #5

You’re not alone in disliking this change. Here’s the official post about Agency 3.0 You’ll note Falcon’s announcement is followed by about 100 players saying they dislike how the agency now shows signature counts of far away systems.

(Scoots Choco) #6

You can accomplish this already by just not looking at the Agency window.

(Chequrself) #7

I would be a fan of seeing this feature removed … bring back walking around in my hanger instead p

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