Why does "The Agency" forget what systems I scanned?


I see there are two sigs in system, scan them and in “The Agency” window will now show the type. Wormhole, relic site, whatever.

Would be a great why to keep track what system I have been in and scanned the sigs.
But after I jump into another system “The Agency” just shows them as unknown signatures again.

Any reason for that? Am I doing something wrong?
I know I can see what I scan in the scanning windows when I’m in the system, but I thought it would be nice why to see it remotely.

So I don’t know if the Agency integrates this previously existing behavior, but…

Within the past year or so I believe, CCP made a change where the probe scanner window remembers all scanned sites made within the current session. Once your client disconnects, all that information is lost (except for bookmarked sites, of course). I don’t know if the Agency exhibits the same behavior or not (it certainly should). Regardless, if a site interests you, bookmark it - that’s the safest way to go about it. My two ISK.

It would be free intel. This shouldn’t be in the agency in the first place. CCP went retarded and took off exploration part while in the meantime buff NS defences against whs. This feature should be removed from LS and NS.

Yes, I know all sites are in the scanner window. They even are in the “The Agency” windows. Until you switch system. That is what this thread is about.

Yes, I know there are worarounds.
But why use them, when the information is already displayed and saved. Just not in that one window.

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