Scannable signatures disappear into "filter" after being scanned by probes

they cannot be unfiltered after the scan…

Was this before or after the patch? If it was after, this should go in the known issues thread.

Same is happening to me. I launch the probes, set them around a cosmic sig, hit the scan buttom and after it finish the scan the sig desapears from the probe scanner and from the solar system map.

see my reply above

I am seeing the same thing!

I made a bug report and that disappeared just like the sigs…so I came here to report.

Uhmm known issues??? That means CCP knows about it and unable to fix currently.
This bug just appeared after this mornings patch and therefore needs to be told to CCP.

thats why you post it there for them to see it!!!

Hmm …still think that is wrong…but I posted there anyway

happened after the DT

While the description may be a little confusing by referring to them as ‘known issues’ when issues are still being actively discovered, Geo is correct that the Known Issues thread for a given release is the place to comment about bugs that appear immediately following a patch. This ensures the information is readily available to the Devs who worked on the patch and are looking for reports related to said patch.

Please make sure to submit bug reports in-game as well as soon as you experience the error, as that provides technical data that frequently assists the Devs in tracking down the specific cause.

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the same problem with the scanner. wrote to tech support. I have been waiting for an answer for 4 hours))

Same here. Entered system - 3 signatures.
Scanned 1st - it dissapeared.
Scanned 2nd - it dissapeared.

Something is clearly broken now.

this ■■■■ is annoying me

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