Cosmic signatures disappearing?

Anyone else notice this? Go to scan and suddenly gone. No way somebody is clearing them this fast. Have not done it in a while and maybe a new mechanic. They just fade out. Not scanned. Not cleared.

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Maybe you got “lucky” in some sense. I think you started scanning a signature that was around for too long without being run, so it disappeared to come back somewhere else in the same constellation.

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Yeah, all signatures have a set lifespan and will despawn after a few days.

do you have any filters enabled? Because if scanned signatures’ type doesnt match your filters - signatures disappear (for you only) once you scan them up to 25% or higher to determine their type.

This can be a signature just cleaned by someone who scanned it before.

Or somebody could have collapsed a wormhole with one trip in a battleship. The sig appears when the (one or multiple) BS appears in the system and despawn one minute after the wormhole collapse.

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