Do the signatures ever respawn?

I have yet to see any cosmic signatures respawn in systems where I have scanned down and run the sites. Do they ever respawn? At this rate, I wouldn’t be able to finish the rewards if I played 24/7 until the end of the event.

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Yes, but people are expected to jump star gates in the search of cosmic signatures.
If you stay in one system for the whole event, you might be correct with your estimation.

The rather easy solution would be to jump a few gates and have a look around your neighborhood.

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sure, I’ve been running in about 6 systems, and every once in a while, I’ll see a new site now… but its really slow

Are you close to a trade hub? You might be in systems with high competition.

I have had the same problem just ran a massive circle, 15 or so jumps, some areas busier than others, and only found 2-3 sits in like 6 hours

One of the big problems thus far is the small amount of components that drop from sites. People have to run multiple sites to build filaments… which means whenever a site appears people rush super quickly to do it. After someone enters a site it disappears from the probe window in about a minute. Which means if you fly through a system you won’t see the ones that are being done.

CCP said they have increased the spawn rate during this weekend. But to me it still seems as if the site spawn rate and component drops is not yet balanced and is on the low side.

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